How do I find my perfect tiles


6 simple steps you can follow to help find those perfect tiles

Choosing tiles doesn't need to be complicated! Especially when you can book our free consultation, give us a call or grab a coffee and meander through our website at your leisure. Here are some simple steps you can follow to help with your search and quickly narrow down tiles that are perfect for you!

1. Choose an overarching theme

That might be concrete led and a nod to Brutalism. Or it could be an urban loft look and cool cements. Perhaps you are besotted with marble or smitten with deliciously dark decor and want to create an industrial feel. Regardless of what you choose, all effects and styles, including wood effects will have palettes that run from cool to warm tones. Even that industrial look can take the form of a neutral white shade or the warmer tones of taupes and sands.

2. Pair up

If it's a bathroom or area where you want more than one tile then this part can be tricky. If there's a tile you absolutely love and you just don't know what to pair it with then there are a few tips that can help.

Choosing another tile colour from the same collection is a very easy way to bring a cohesive design together. Because the tiles will have the same inherent design they will work together and you can either opt to bring a contrast of pick a collection where tone on tone can work. Utilising a different shade on just one or two key areas or walls can transform a design.

Tone on tone, ie picking two key colours to build on, is a really easy way to create a beautiful tiled backdrop. Texture can play a part here too. Finding collections that feature both plain and patterned tiles in the same collection are also a really easy way to create a minimal contemporary design.


Beat White and Grey - these tiles are from the same collection. Opting for plain tiles and patterned ceramics add interest and depth to spaces.

3. Size up

Now you have a style and colour in mind, you can decide to go standard, large or larger still. Size options of course, will depend on your chosen tile. All our porcelains are available in more than one size. Our ceramic wall tiles are generally in one large format size. Simply use the drop down on the product pages to check the sizes available.

4. Think about finish

Finish is both an aesthetic choice as well as practical. You may be smitten by that polished marble tile, however, you wouldn't want to opt for it for a wet room floor for example. Polished finishes can bring a beautiful feel to living spaces softly diffusing light across their surfacing. And whilst the same tile in a matt finish will absorb more light, a matt finish may be more practical for your space.

5. Decide on layout

If your chosen tile is square then your decision is easier. It is worth speaking with your tiler about how your tiles will be laid so you know in advance where the grout lines will run. If you are opting for rectangular tiles or wood planks then you can choose different layouts and a key decision will be which way you run the tiles.

You may choose to stack the tiles or opt for a brick bond - with brick bond it is important to remember that for tiles with any length longer than 600mm ensure the maximum offset is no more than 33%.


6. Call us - we'll help you find your feet

As you would expect, we know our porcelains inside out and have carefully hand-picked our collections to include tiles that co-ordinate and create beautiful spaces. So, if you are still stuck on those choices, you can live chat to us, text or call or book a free consultation. We'd be delighted to help!

Don't forget too that you can choose up to 6 free samples - and we can arrange large samples too!

Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiler for your project. Installation requirements may vary depending on the tiles you choose, the fixing products used and the specific conditions. Always check with your tiler regards the suitability of the tiles. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

The TilePortfolio specialise in Italian and Spanish Porcelain and Ceramic tiles, in particular large format Porcelains and Porcelain tiles for inside and outside. Our carefully curated, stunning tile portfolios are beautifully presented online and supported by our fuss-free ‘go-the-extra-tile’ service and video design consultancy. Visit our website for unmissable interiors inspiration. The TilePortfolio team are always available to chat, we’d be delighted to help with your project so please do get in touch.

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