Tile Care and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

Porcelain is a brilliant material. It’s exceptionally hardwearing and highly resistant to staining and once it’s installed requires minimal ongoing maintenance. A quick mop with water will generally do the trick and every few weeks use a mild detergent.

The key to minimal ongoing tile care and maintenance is to ensure correct professional cleaning is carried out directly after installation. A poor initial clean can result in dirt accumulating on the surface of tiles and that in turn can create maintenance issues in the future.

Accumulated dirt and contaminants can also affect the slip resistance of a tile so another important reason to ensure the correct cleaning regimes during and directly after installation are carried out.

Final or End of Work Cleaning

Once all tiles have been laid and before they are put to use, it is vital to clean correctly to eliminate any dirt from the site.

For material laid with a cement-based grout wash the floor with a specialist cleaning detergent such as Fila Deterdek Pro or similar ie a detergent aimed at removing excess grout residue aswell as deposits or building dirt.

For material laid with epoxy grout wash the floor with a specialist cleaner such as Fila CR10 or similar.

Fila Solutions have a comprehensive range of cleaning products.

Ongoing Tile Care and Maintenance

Ongoing, porcelain and ceramics really just need a sweep and vacuum to remove any loose debris and then a mop or damp cloth and warm water. You can use a microfibre cloth to dry.

Using a soft brush is best and a dustpan and brush for tight corners. Or a vacuum cleaner with a suitable head.

For a good thorough cleaning of your floor, you can opt for a neutral detergent with high cleaning power. such as Fila Cleaner Pro for quick and effective cleaning - it eliminates everyday dirt without leaving a residue and prevents layers of organic dirt accumulating.

In the case of strong dirt that has encrusted over time get in touch with us and we can help find the right solution and for more information on cleaning and maintenance contact the TilePortfolio Team.

Although porcelain tiles are stain resistant, it is important to clean up any stains immediately. Do not use cleaners that have a strong alkaline pH levels. Also, some off the shelf cleaning products can leave a residue on tiles so it's important to avoid ones that contain waxes and additives.

Before using any product, test a small, inconspicuous area of the tiling first. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the correct and necessary protective equipment when using products.

You can use an off-the shelf cleaner but ensure that it is suitable for floors and porcelain otherwise it may leave marks as it dries.

20mm External Porcelain and Antislip Tiles

As with internal porcelain tiles, a poor initial clean can result in accumulating dirt on a tiles surface which can not only create future maintenance issues, it can also affect a tiles slip rating.

For more information see the attached Treatment and Maintenance Sheet from Fila or visit

Again, before using any product, test a small, inconspicuous area of the tiling first. Always follow the manufacturer's instruction and use the correct and necessary protective equipment when using products.

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