Tile Terminology


Matt Porcelain tiles with a texture and non-slip grip.

Antislip Soft

An All-in-One finish that combines softness and Antislip treatment in one for tiles that can be used inside and outside and are designed for easier cleaning.


A matt surface with a relief texture.


Ceramic tiles are generally fired at lower temperatures than Porcelain and may have a colour glaze to give a matt or gloss finish. Ceramic tiles have a greater water-absorbency than Porcelain. Our Ceramic tiles are also sometimes referred to as White Body tiles. They do not require sealing. Our ceramic tiles are only for use on walls and not for floors. Some of our larger Ceramic tiles have rectified edges. Some of our smaller tiles do not have rectified edges as this adds to their handcrafted appearance. Different batches may vary from one another as can colour so it is always advisable to order all your required tiles at the same time to avoid mixing batches.


A finish that expertly mimics the natural textures, patterns and veins of real stone. Digital technology is used to create textures that coincide perfectly with the printed pattern for an ultra-realistic finish.


A highly reflective surface that is applied to Porcelain or Ceramic decorative tiles.


A non-reflective finish.


A finish designed to conserve the natural characteristics of the design.


The small variation from stated sizes and thicknesses that can occur due to production methods. Variation should be expected and can be more pronounced in larger tiles.


Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic with very low absorbency. They are usually made from kaolin clays and fired at around 1,200◦C this makes for a high-density product that is very hardwearing. They do not require sealing. All our Porcelains have rectified ie straight edges. Different batches may slightly vary from one another in sizes and colour so it is always advisable to order all your required tiles at the same time to avoid mixing batches.


Rectified tile edges means tiles have straight edges as they are cut to size after the firing process so there is little variation in size of tiles from one production run to the next, however, sizes can vary between batches so it is important to order all tiles in one go and from one batch.


A smooth non irregular satin sheen that gives tiles an aged and worn surface.


A soft and sophisticated matt finish and easy to clean surface.

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