Guide to The TilePortfolio tile finishes


Antislip is basically a matt porcelain tile that has a texture or an additional layer of frit applied to the surface to give additional grip so these tiles can be used outside. The feel of the tile will vary depending on the collection. An R12 rated tile is generally rougher than an R11 rated tile.

All our Antislip tiles have a matching internal tile in a different finish that is suitable for use inside the home.

Flow Basalt 2cm porcelain in Antislip finish

Antislip Soft

Our Antislip Soft finish combines antislip treatment with softness so these tiles have a softer surface than a typical antislip tile. We call them an all-in-one tile because exactly the same tile can be used inside the home across walls and floors aswell as outside the home. The surface is designed to be easy to clean and has a matt look and feel. These tile are R11 A+B+C rated. Our Antislip Soft tiles are in 10mm thickness. That means if you are using them outside, they must be installed onto a fully cured concrete bed externally. Alternatively, if you prefer a 2cm external tile then check out our 20mm porcelain paver collections.

If you prefer an Antislip finish with a slightly higher slip rating for outside and therefore a rougher surface then check out our Metro and Loft collections where you will find an R12 A+B+C rated tile for outside with a co-ordinating Soft R10 A+B+C rated tile for inside.


Our Contour finish harnesses the very latest digital technology to create textures that align perfectly with the printed pattern of a tile. The finish captures the natural elements of the real material as closely as possible. That means wood effect porcelains that with designs that pick out the knots and veins of real wood, and without the maintenance required with the real thing. The same applies to marbles, concretes, stones and metals. This really is expert imitation without the limitation.

Beat Anthracite cement effect in Contour finish

Season wood effect porcelain in Contour finish

Patina Corten Metal Effect Porcelain in Contour finish


Matt finish tiles have a non-reflective finish that gives tiles a contemporary feel. It absorbs more light than a polished or gloss surface giving the tiles a softer feel.


Our Natural finish has a really subtle sheen which will reflect a little light and feels a little silkier to the touch than a Matt finish.

The Natural finish found in our ceramic wall tiles is different to the Natural finish to our Porcelains. That's because many of our ceramic wall tiles have a raised or textured surface with a natural finish.

Louis Mocha in Natural finish


Our Polished porcelains have a highly polished and reflective surface.


The Soft finish to our Metro collection is very much like a Matt finish. It's a lovely sophisticated surface finish with a soft touch feel.

For our Italian tiles collections Blend and Artisan this finish has a lovely silky feel to the tile surface.

Metro Silver in Soft Finish from our Spanish porcelain collection

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The TilePortfolio specialise in Italian and Spanish Porcelain and Ceramic tiles, in particular large format Porcelains and Porcelain tiles for inside and outside. Our carefully curated, stunning tile portfolios are beautifully presented online and supported by our fuss-free ‘go-the -extra-tile’ service and video design consultancy. Visit our website for unmissable interiors inspiration. The TilePortfolio team are always available to chat, we’d be delighted to help with your project so please do get in touch. Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiler for your project. Always check with your tiler regards suitability of your chosen tiles for your project.

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