A guide to 10mm External Porcelain Tiles

A guide to 10mm External Porcelain Tiles

Using a 9mm or 10mm Porcelain tile outside

With the growing trend for sliding and bi-fold doors creating a seamless flow from home to garden, the trend for co-ordinating porcelain tiles that run across both spaces has grown in a bid to beautifully accentuate that feeling of flow, space and connection from inside to out.

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Porcelain is one of the few materials that can be used inside aswell as outside. To be called Porcelain a tile has to have less than 0.5% porosity. That makes it frost resistant and therefore suitable for outside spaces.

Porcelain is exceptionally hardwearing, highly resistant to scratching and staining, doesn't need sealing, waxing or polishing.

Outside, porcelain is fade resistant and available in finishes with additional grip. It's also resistant to mould and moss taking root on the surface, and it's super easy to keep clean. Unlike the rustic charm of limestone or slate, porcelain delivers a clean, crisp, architectural feel - effectively creating the same flush finish outside, you would expect inside your home.

Finishes, tile thickness and slip ratings

Inside tiles are in different finishes for example Matt, Natural, Soft and Polished and are usually around 9mm or 10mm thick - although they can be thinner.

Outside tiles have a more textured antislip surface for additional grip and are traditionally 20mm or thicker. However, there are thinner 10mm porcelains that can be used outside too. It is always worth checking with your installer regards the tile that is most suitable for your project.

Sometimes there may be a specific need for a 9mm or 10mm porcelain tile; a good quality thinner porcelain tile has some advantages over their thicker counterparts. They can be more cost-effective and easier to handle.

Installation of 9mm or 10mm & 20mm outside porcelains

The key to a 9mm or 10mm porcelain outside is preparation. These porcelains should be laid on a concrete base. Good site preparation and the correct installation products are critical to longevity and durability for the future.

Even for a 20mm porcelain, it is preferable to install onto a concrete bed. Winter weather can lead to frosts so a slab is the preferred option and in either case ie 10mm or 20mm you must use a suitable cement based adhesive when laying outside tiles.

It's important to to ensure the tile is fully supported and there are no air pockets or voids under the tiles that could create a vulnerable spot where water could seep or freeze. Fixing directly onto wet concrete is a no-no, the slab needs to have cured.

We would always recommend you employ the services of a competent installer and check with your installer the suitability of your chosen tiles. Please do get in touch with us for more information on installation, we work with both Mapei and BAL adhesives and can organise a specification specifically for your project and installer if you wish.

All-in-one tiles 9mm or 10mm thick tiles

Our all-in-one tiles combine the softness of an inside tile with the antislip properties of an outside tile in an Antislip Soft R11 A+B+C finish.

With an all-in-one tile exactly the same tile can be used as indoor outdoor porcelain tiles. Both tiles are the same thickness - usually around 10mm and both have the same Antislip Soft surface texture. Tiles must be ordered from the same batch to ensure they match of course.

All-in-one tiles can be used on walls and floors across the home aswell as outside areas - these tiles have a slip rating of R11 A+B+C with a surface that is smoother than a traditional antislip tile.

Alternatively, if you prefer a higher grip rating, then our Metro collection features an Antislip R12 A+B+C rated tile for outside with an R10 A+B Soft finish tile for inside.

Care and Maintenance

Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiling or landscaping contractor for your project. Installation requirements may vary depending on the tiles you choose, the fixing products used and the external conditions. Always check with your tiler, installer or landscaper regards the suitability of the tiles and please do get in touch with us for more information or if you have any questions. Visit the Installation section of our website for more helpful information.

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