A guide to choosing a cement porcelain tile

How to choose a cement porcelain tile

Porcelain tiles are echoing other materials with ever greater precision, whatever the material may be - marble, metal, wood, concrete, cement or stone. In fact, great quality porcelain mimics materials so well it can tricky to tell the difference between your porcelain tile and the real thing.

As well as colour, when choosing a cement porcelain tile one aspect to consider is just realistic you want your tile to be.

Cement porcelain tile ranges start with the simplest of designs with little movement or pattern in the tile to collections that brilliantly echo the flaking, shade variation and salting of real cement. We explore 5 collections that start with the simplest of designs all the way through to tiles that take advantage of the latest precision manufacturing techniques to deliver ultra-realism.

Of course, better quality tiles will always echo other materials to a higher degree than a cheaper alternative. So if you are looking for the best quality tiles, then look no further, we start with the simplest of designs and our Loft collection.

Tone - the simplest of concrete designs

Tone is a beautifully simple concrete effect porcelain tile collection in earthy tones. This is the perfect tile if you are looking for a simple, stylish canvas. It's just a no-fuss tile collection that has a little movement in the design so ideal where you don't want a totally flat, matt tile, but don't want anything that might steal the show.

This is a tile that creates the canvas backdrop and allows you to do the talking through furnishings and more. It's completely understated and classy.

Metro - a staple of design

Metro is a staple of our collections and top pick for those seeking a cement porcelain tile with a little movement in the design that will work with ease across the home. Ground floor, bathroom, kitchen, lounge or hall, this is a tile with a great mix of design and finish. There are three perfectly balanced shades and we love them all.

The finish has a Soft feel to it - very tactile. This is a great tile where you want a really classy canvas with a little mottling.

Docklands - supercool worn cement design

Docklands is a brilliantly versatile collection. With 4 beautiful well-balanced shades this is a collection that echoes worn cement. The colours feel warm and that is enhanced because of the surface texture of these tiles.

The wonderfully tactile Antislip Soft surface is a dream with it's tactile finish. It also has a practical purpose - this is a tile that can be used across walls and floors with ease as well as outside. With it's R11 A+B+C rating it is a good choice for wetrooms too.

With colours ranging from White to Charcoal and a beautiful Grey and Beige the White works with every colour in a mix and match sense.

Blend - a glorious mix of understated tones

Blend sits somewhere in between all the above. This is an exceptionally well specified cement porcelain tile palette with a wonderful collection of colours - every shade is a joy to behold and the whole collection has been very carefully considered with enough difference between shades but not so much that they don't 'blend' perfectly together. These really are the best quality tiles and a brilliant example of Italian design.

Beat - it really is hard to beat this tile

As technology improves, so does the realism of porcelain. The days of a few different faces or patterns are firmly in the past. Great quality porcelain tiles can house as many as 30 - 40 different patterns per tile making your porcelain floor so realistic.

And concrete and cement effect tiles are no different. If the aim is to echo the salts, shade variation and appearance of flaking of the real thing, then look no further than Beat. Beat is ultra-realistic and the latest in a trench of porcelains that have been designed with the latest technology.

This is about pattern and design aligning to create a surface that really does echo the pavement.

Where would I use cement effect procelains

Porcelain is so versatile it can be used just about anywhere. Bathroom, kitchen, hallway, utility, lounge, office - the list is endless. The beauty of all the tiles we have shown here is they come in several sizes so they are perfect for smaller bathrooms or large open plan spaces.

Of course, the obvious place is large open plan spaces and ground floors where you may be looking for a concrete tile that can work across a larger area. With larger formats available in all our porcelain cement tile collections these are tiles that work with ease.

Care and Maintenance

Ongoing porcelain doesn't really require much more than a sweep and jet wash outside and a vacuum and mop with warm water inside. However, it is critical both inside and outside that the correct initial cleaning regime is followed to ensure that things like excess grout and debris are removed from the tiles.

For all porcelain and ceramics, a poor initial clean can lead to future issues and can affect the slip rating of tiles. Using the incorrect cleaning products day to day can also leave a film on tiles which can affect the surface of them. For more information see our Care + Maintenance page or get in touch with us.

So if you are looking for a cement porcelain tile hop onto our website now and order your free samples!

Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiling or landscaping contractor for your project. Installation requirements may vary depending on the tiles you choose, the fixing products used and the external conditions. Always check with your tiler, installer or landscaper regards the suitability of the tiles and please do get in touch with us for more information or if you have any questions. Visit the Installation section of our website for more helpful information.
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