A Guide to Outdoor Porcelain Paving for 2024

In our guide to outdoor porcelain paving for 2024 we explore the very latest exterior floor tiles and trends that will be making their way into our gardens in the coming year! With porcelain patios and pathways becoming the go-to for garden projects across the UK we dig into the design and detail and explore why porcelain is fast becoming the first choice for projects. 

Outdoor porcelain paving - why porcelain?

There are a whole heap of great reasons to choose porcelain exterior floor tiles. As a material porcelain really does deliver in a variety of ways. This brilliant material is everything from frostproof to stain resistant and you will find it a super hardwearing material that is a breeze to keep clean. 

Frostproof – porcelain stoneware surfaces don’t freeze – to be called porcelain tiles have to have a porosity level of less than 0.05%.

Stain resistant – because of their low porosity level porcelain is highly stain resistant so even when using this material for a dining or cooking area outside it is a great option.

Antislip – all our 2cm outdoor tiles have an Antislip or textured surface. 

Hardwearing– they are designed to witstnd weight 

Thermal shock –  they are highly resistant to sudden changes in temperature.

Hygienic – porcelain naturally inhibits the growth of mould or moss on the surface (unless they are in a very dark, dank corner that does not receive any sunlight!).

Easy to maintain – porcelain does not need any sealing or ongoing maintenance. A sweep and jetwash are all that is really required to keep them in tip top condition. 

2cm thickness – 2cm thick porcelains are perfect for creating a super sleek patio space especially when these tiles have rectified (straight) edges – because this means grout lines are at a minimum of just a few mm. 2cm porcelains should be laid onto a fully cured concrete bed with suitable adhesives. They can also however, be laid directly onto grass or gravel which makes them a super flexible solution. 

And of course, porcelain is a material that echoes and imitates other materials to high standards. Opting for a high quality porcelain tile, means you not only benefit from superb quality, you also enjoy exquisite design with tiles imitating everything from stone, quartz, metallics, concretes, cements and more! This gives you the best of both worlds – a high performing product that emulates a whole host of natural materials. 

outdoor porcelain paving tiles poise pebble

Poise Pebble 800×800 paving slabs

Outdoor Porcelain Paving - a contemporary solution

Unlike natural slate or limestone (to name a few), porcelain is designed to deliver a seamless, architectural feel to a space. Effectively you are creating an inside room but outside. A flush finish, minimal grout lines and installation onto a fully cured bed (ideally but there are other options if you don’t have that so contact us) means porcelain delivers a uniquely uniform surface. This is a very different look and feel to a natural limestone or slate which tend to deliver a more rustic finish.  

We’ve a whole collection of new 2cm outdoor porcelain paving for 2024. These are all rectified and squared tiles with an anti-slip surface finish specifically for outdoor spaces. The 20mmm thickness means they are versatile. For an economical and quick install, they can be laid using the dry installation method either onto grass or gravel. Or, if your aim is to create that outside room then installation onto a fully cured concrete bed with the right tile adhesives will deliver an ‘inside room’ outside feel. This gives you maximum planning ability with minimal effort. 

Of course, our blog is not an exhaustive guide to installation and which ever installation method you choose, we would always recommend you employ the services of a professional installer. 

Let’s take a stroll through some of our new collections. This isn’t just about exterior floor tiles either – all our outdoor porcelain paving options have a co-ordinating indoor tile option to so you can link lounge to lawn with ease. 


Our NEW Outdoor Porcelain Paving collections for 2024

New Fusion - Limestone

We start with our beautiful new Fusion collection. Fusion is a limestone porcelain collection featuring 3 super versatile colours – Arena, Limestone and Fossil. These beautiful porcelain tiles are available in a jumbo 1200 x 600mm large format size and have a wonderful stone like texture to the surface. All three colours also feature indoor tiles to co-ordinate. 


Fusion arena limestone porcelain tiles with warm stone terrazzo

Fusion inside outside tile collection

New Fusion - Terrazzo

In addition, our Fusion collection also includes a beautiful outdoor terrazzo porcelain tile. Terrazzo Cold works brilliantly with the Fusion collection or as an option in its own right. A lovely example of terrazzo tiles these 2cm thick 1200 x 600mm tiles are perfect for creating a feature in your garden space. We can’t promise the pool, but we can promise beautiful tiles! 


Fusion limestone porcelain tiles outside

Fusion inside outside tile collection

New Ethos Shore

It’s one of our favourite tiles that has been with us for a number of years and graces the patios of a few of our previous clients. Ethos Shore has been updated to now include a stunning 800 x 800mm version. We love this off-white stone effect tile. It is beautifully understated and the epitome of Italian styling with merest hints of veining. 


Ethos Shore in new 800 x 800mm format

New - Tavertine

This ubiquitous material is a universal icon with over 2000 years of art and architectural history. It’s unique and unmistakable personality has delivered captivating designs the world over and travertine’s appeal is timeless. We’ve two beautiful new additions to our 2cm outdoor porcelain paving for 2024 from this Travertine collection in both warming tones and more silver hues. 

Both have co-ordinating inside 9mm thick tiles. In addition, this comprehensive collection includes two types of graphic, which can combine thanks to their underlying colour continuity.  So we have tile options with typical longitudinal stripes alongside a beautiful selection of tiles characterised by a refined mottled stone effect design. 


New 4

Our new Travertine collection is coming soon!

Travertine Pool

New - Poise

We are super excited about Poise exterior floor tiles. This is a stunning Italian refined stone porcelain tile collection. 5 beautifully balanced colours feature the subtlest of white veining with Silver, Charcoal and Pebble all featuring an outside 2cm patio paver with co-ordinating 9mm tiles for inside. We love the 800 x 800 format for inside and outside tiles – large enough to feel large format, but not so huge they are difficult to handle on site from an installation perspective. The surfacing of these 2cm pavers give a stone like feel too enhancing the look and feel. 

Poise pebble inside outside stone look porcelain resize

Poise Pebble Inside Outside 800×800 tiles

New - Slate effect porcelain

This brand new slate effect porcelain tile collection features 3 wonderful shades. This lovely charcoal colour delivers all the beauty of slate, with a modern twist. As we have already explored, our external porcelain tiles all have rectified ie straight edges and that means grout lines are at a minimum. In turn that delivers a contemporary canvas. 


Inside Outside Living and garden flooring tiles

This trend is set to continue with inside outside spaces made possible with the advent of bi-fold and sliding door systems that are opening up space like never before. All our garden flooring tiles have a co-ordinating inside tile making it easier than ever to connect lounge to lawn. Size of tile, style and colour all make a huge difference to spaces. Less grout lines equal a less busy space and opting for a tile where you have a closely matching grout colour will also open up space and give an airy feel. With minimal thresholds and contemporary sliding doors becoming the go-to for home developments, extensions and makeovers, more and more of us are choosing to create that feeling of flow from inside to outside space.   

Alpine Desert 1200 600 inside outside porcelain optimised home banner e1683296053507

View the collection

Visit our website to find out more about our outdoor porcelain paving collections.  We’ve a broad selection of exterior floor tiles! Simply click any of the links under the images! Or click here to view our entire 2cm porcelain paver collection.

Alpine Desert 1200 600 inside outside porcelain optimised home banner e1683296053507

Alpine inside outside tiles 

Tone floor concrete 2cm porcelain patio scaled

Tone inside outside tiles

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conditions. Always check with your tiler regards the suitability of the tiles.
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