A guide to terrazzo bathroom tiles in porcelain

Create that hotel spa feeling at home with our terrazzo bathroom tiles. These beautifully designed Italian terrazzo porcelain tiles add a unique blend of style, practicality and durability transforming any bathroom into a luxurious space. 

The terrazzo style embodies the Italian spirit of Sprezzatura. Sprezzatura means an easy elegance, an appearance of  gracefulness without apparent effort and our Italian terrazzo tiles featured above are just that. 

‘Terrazzo’ is routed in the Italian word for terrace. It’s origins date back to methods used by Venetian artisans hundreds of years ago. It is a composite material comprising broken chips of different materials including quartz, granite and glass were bound together in cement and polished smooth to achieve the iconic style. Let’s explore the benefits of terrazzo porcelain tiles for your bathroom. 

Terrazzo bathroom tiles in porcelain

We love the fact that this versatile style is equally at home in an ultra modern apartment or country cottage. The terrazzo look needs little justification and what makes our Fusion terrazzo tile collection the perfect choice for the bathroom are all the benefits of porcelain.  

Super hardwearing, stain resistant, hygienic, easy clean, no ongoing maintenance and in designs that are so detailed and unique, it can be hard to tell the difference from the real thing. Porcelain, unlike some natural stone does not require any sealing. It is pretty much install and go.   

Terrazzo porcelain tiles allow you to recreate the look of terrazzo without the fragility associated with the real material. Porcelain is after all a superbly strong material – great installation is of course key to ensuring a long lasting beautiful space. 

fusion stone terrazzo bathroom tiles cold

Fusion Cold terrazzo bathroom tiles

The versatility of terrazzo porcelain tiles

Our Fusion terrazzo bathroom tiles can be used on floors and walls and bring a lovely traditional terrazzo feel to any room. The collection comes in a range of sizes from a smaller 600 x 300mm format through to a lovely large 1200 x 1200mm format. The two terrazzo colours Cold and Warm are complimented by a further 5 shades that tone brilliantly together bringing a wonderful design freedom to spaces. That leaves you free to mix and match your terrazzo porcelain tiles allowing you to create a feature wall or use terrazzo across your entire room!

Fusion limestone porcelain tiles Warm

Fusion Warm terrazzo bathroom tiles

By choosing terrazzo porcelain tiles you are joining that long, exquisite history of an iconic, yet practical, design. And as we bring that design into the modern era, another key benefit of porcelain terrazzo tiles is the how compatible they are with underfloor heating. Porcelain works brilliantly with both electric and wet underfloor heating systems. The tiles act like a thermal brick and underfloor heating makes them lovely and toasty in the winter. In contrast they are also lovely and cool in the winter. So porcelain is a real winner with pets! 

Add a splash of colour with terrazzo bathroom tiles

If you are looking to add a splash or dash of colour with terrazzo then check out our Mix terrazzo tile collection. These large format tiles bring a modern take to terrazzo with blues and greens part of the mix as well as the more subtle shades of white, grey and sands. Whether you want to create an ultra contemporary space with colour or favour a softer look Mix offers both. With one large 900 x 900mm format, these tiles are fresh and fun. 


They offer a different approach to terrazzo bathroom tiles, with minimal grout lines and work fabulously well with some of our smaller feature tiles. 

Mix Green Terrazzo porcelain tile e1682510529389

Mix Green and Grey terrazzo porcelain tiles

Mix Silver Terrazzo porcelain tile 90 x 90 e1682509786132

Whatever terrazzo bathroom tile options you are looking for, we have a variety of ranges covering different sizes, shades and both traditional terrazzo and a more modern take on terrazzo porcelain tiles! Visit our website to find out more just click any of the links under the images! 

The TilePortfolio specialise in high quality Italian and Spanish Porcelain and Ceramic tiles, in particular large format Porcelains and porcelain tiles for inside and outside. Our carefully curated, stunning tile portfolios are beautifully presented online and supported by a friendly, warm and welcoming service. Visit our centrally based showroom in Kettering, Northamptonshire or shop on line with us at We are here to help and would be delighted to get involved with your project! Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiler for your project. Installation requirements may vary depending on the tiles you choose, the fixing products used and the specific conditions. Always check with your tiler regards the suitability of the tiles. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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