An intro to patterned wall tiles

Patterned wall tiles can transform any space adding a pop of colour and a dash of design to kitchens, bathrooms, offices, the hallway and more! In this blog we explore how a striking feature tile can elevate your interior design and turn walls into works of art. 

Patterned wall tiles and the kitchen

Patterned wall tiles are a quick way to add interest to any space. They are a great solution for kitchen splashbacks giving you the opportunity to add feature tiles that are fun and also practical. Patterned porcelain or ceramic tiles are not only easy to clean, and a great way to stop walls getting stained, they can also become a design feature adding interest to spaces and helping to tie a design together. 

And you don’t just have to stop at walls. Patterned wall tiles can also work across floors and are again, a great way to tie a design together. It’s important to pick a tile that is suitable for both walls and floors, like our Motif collection. These tiles are porcelain and can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. 

If you do opt to take your patterned wall tiles across both walls and floors, then it is worth looking for a colour in the feature tile that you can co-ordinate cabinetry with. In the image below we can see how the units pick up on the background colour of the tiles ie a soft cream and that really highlights the gorgeous geometric design in the tiles. So in this case the tiles become the wow feature. 

Motif Sand Shapes Patterned Wall Tiles

Motif Sand Shapes patterned wall tiles can also be used on floors

Co-ordinating patterned wall tiles with muted tones

A great way to highlight your patterned wall tiles is to pair up with the more muted tones of concrete, cement and wood effect tiles to name a few. In fact opting for a super simple classic floor tile design can really accentuate your feature tiles and create the wow factor. This is also a great way to zone spaces. So below we can see how our beautiful Bloom feature tiles work as a splashback and by then taking them on to the floor zone the kitchen space. The dining area is then zoned using a lovely soft griege concrete effect tile. 

Bloom green porcelain feature tiles olive 1

Bloom Olive patterned wall tiles

Patterned wall tiles and bathrooms

Patterned wall tiles are also great for bathrooms adding a splash of drama. Just like kitchens, tiles in the bathroom serve two purposes. One is practical – tiles are a great way to protect walls that might otherwise run the risk of water ingress or splashing. The other of course is the wow factor. Patterned tiles are a great way of adding fun into a design. And because you have lots of colours in feature tiles they are a great way to collectively tone your bathroom design. If you start with your feature tile then everything else can work from there. Simply pick out and stick to the colours in the tile and accessorize around those. Then add a touch of drama as you can see below with a contrasting colour eg in this case black brassware. 

Motif patterned wall tile sand geo 1

Motif Sand Geo feature tiles 

Patterned wall tiles don’t have to bold and bright. You can create pattern with more subtle tones like our Bloom Oatmeal porcelain feature tiles. Subtle and sophisticated with a unique silky/matt combination to the tile surface, Bloom is a perfect way to add pattern in an understated way. By opting for a tile with a hint of gloss you can also play beautifully with lighting. 

Our Bloom russet feature tiles make a bright, bold statement – the gloss pattern subtly reflects light and the matt sort white highlights the saturated hues of this terracotta colour tile. 

Bloom oatmeal taupe porcelain feature tiles 1

Bloom Oatmeal feature tiles

Bloom red porcelain feature tiles

Bloom Russet feature tiles

Pattern for the floor too!

Feature tiles can also work for floors as we have seen leaving you free to pair up plainer colours for walls and furniture as you create a colourful canvas with geometric patterns. Our porcelain Bloom and Motif tiles are perfect for floors! 

Motif sand block patterned tile

Motif Sand Block Porcelain feature tiles

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