An introduction to 90 x 90 tiles

In this blog we explore designing with one of our favourite tile sizes, 90 x 90 tiles. 90×90 porcelain tiles are a superb format for projects where you want a tile that feels large format – and is large format – but is not so large that handling and installing on site are tricky or too expensive. With a larger tile eg a 120 x 120 installation often requires 2 tradespeople. Whereas 90 x 90 tiles are a more manageable format. 

Designing with porcelain tiles

Tiles are the canvas upon which beautiful rooms are made. As an unsung hero of interior design they are both practical and beautiful in equal measure and will define a space immediately indicating whether a design is contemporary or traditional. And the three main things that determine that? Design, finish and tile size. 

Without a doubt, floor tile size in particular is indicative of feel. The larger the format, the more contemporary the space. Larger tile sizes make a bold statement and offer the opportunity to create as seamless an area as possible. Especially larger format tiles with clean cut rectified tile edges – where grout lines are at a minimum of just 3mm. 

90 x 90 tiles are the perfect large format size. Large enough to really feel large format yet still easy enough to handle on site when it comes to installation. Porcelain tiles are available in a plethora of sizes from 60 x 30, 45 x 45, 60 x 60, 60 x 120, 1m x 1m, 1m  50cm, 120 x 120 – the list goes on and to even larger sizes. And 90 x 90 porcelain tiles slot right in the centre point.  

Opting for a larger tile like 90×90 porcelain tiles is often driven by a desire to create a stunningly simple canvas for ground floors that will stand the test of time, add value to the home and appear as seamless as possible. So let’s explore how 90 x 90 tiles make this easy and take a trip through a few of our favourite 90×90 porcelain tiles. 

Larger than life 90 x 90 tiles

90×90 porcelain tiles, whether used on floors or walls, will visually create a feeling of grandeur and expanse. They whisper luxury – rather than shout.  Many porcelain tiles mimic natural materials. To do it exceptionally well depends on the technology behind that tile and that’s why opting for a really great quality porcelain tile is key. They are the perfect way to introduce design into the home without the ongoing maintenance or cost of the materials they echo. 

Porcelain, unlike say natural marble or stone, is renowned for it’s hardwearing properties, ease of cleaning and lack on continual maintenance. The thrills and spills of every day life are not match. Porcelain is highly stain and scratch resistant so perfect for busy homes. The incredible design capabilities of leading manufacturers means porcelain opens up a whole world of design possibilities. From marble to metallics, concrete to cements, stone to wood and more, it can be hard to tell the difference between porcelain and the real thing. 


So how do you make 90 x 90 tiles work to maximum design effect for that seamless feel?

1. This larger format is great for creating visual continuity. Using the same tile across several rooms especially where spaces are open plan will add to a feeling of spaciousness. 

2. Minimal grout lines deliver as seamless a space as possible. Opting for high quality rectified 90 x 90 tiles means 3mm grout lines to floors and 2mm to walls is achievable. With fewer grout lines and a co-ordinating grout colour, spaces appear to flow more with one seamless floor. 

3. With a square tile laying patterns are simplified – tiles don’t tend to be offset – although you can of course – but by stacking tiles in a grid format grout lines are less busy. 

4. Consider running the same tile across floors and walls. This really does open up space amazingly well particularly in bathrooms where space is always more limited. 


Tile designs & finishes

We’ve spoken about design but worth mentioning here that even with a more patterned tile spaces will look less busy with a larger format tile. Take 90 x 90 tiles in a terrazzo effect as shown here, the larger format with co-ordinating grout colour delivers a beautiful contemporary canvas for this lounge. 


Of course, finish also plays a part. A soft matt finish will immediately bring a modern, contemporary feel to spaces and when adorned with soft lighting will create a gorgeous ambience. As grouts tend to also be matt this gives a cohesive feel to designs. Whereas a polished tile will reflect more light. 


90 x 90 tiles mix white terrazzo floor

Docklands 90 x 90 tiles

Docklands is one of our favourite 90 x 90 tiles. It’s been a staple of our collections for a number of years now and is super useable across the home. There are other sizes available too, but many of our customers have opted for this tile in the full spectrum of colours – especially white and beige which are perfect for busy ground floors. 



90 x 90 tiles - Metro collection

This is a tile collection that is always in demand. Especially the 90 x 90 Metro Bone and Silver. Both for bathrooms and kitchens, this tile is just brilliant. The soft finish is the stuff of barefoot dreams with a silky surface that feels neither too smooth or too rough. 

Metro Silver Porcelain Floor Tile 1024x764 1

Abode 90x90 porcelain tiles

We introduced Abode a few years ago and it has proven itself a firm winner with our clients. This limestone effect porcelain tile is in a few sizes, but it is the large format 90 x 90 size that is the clear winner – with white being the top favourite. This is a contemporary limestone tiles, with clean cut rectified edges and the subtlest of detailing in its design. We love it – it is a brilliant canvas for kitchens, dining areas, the lounge, bathrooms and more. 

Abode Beige home

Louis 90x90 porcelain tiles

Louis is a beautiful marquetry wood effect porcelain tile that is exquisitely designed. Mocha and Cognac are firm favourites bringing depth of colour and really emphasising the superb design of this tile. The large 90 x 90 format enhances the beauty of this tile too. 

Louis mocha lounge porcelain wood e1683296231709

We have so many exquisite 90 x 90 tiles to choose from in our collections. It’s a size that is at the heart of our collections – large format, versatile, beautiful designs and great quality. Click the link below to see more 90 x 90 tile options.

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