Are porcelain tiles good for kitchen floors?

Are porcelain tiles good for kitchen floors?

Planning a new kitchen? How exciting! We get asked the question are porcelain tiles good for kitchen floors all the time and the answer is absolutely - yes the are.

And here's 7 great reasons why.

1. Durability

Your kitchen floor is probably the most hardworking floor in your entire home. Step forward porcelain. Arguably the unsung hero of the everyday. Because porcelain is fired at very high temperatures it makes for a dense, hard wearing product.

That means porcelain can cope with as much wear and tear as you can throw at it - and it will barely make a mark. This is a material that is so super hardwearing it is without doubt one of the best options you can choose.

2. Stain resistance

Unlike materials such as marble, porcelain is highly resistant to staining. It is always wise to quickly mop up spills - especially things like red wine - however, your porcelain floor is unlikely to stain.

Real marble is super soft and can be tricky to work with - it can mark very easily because it is so soft and it really does stain easily, whereas porcelain is incredibly hard and dense. And with high quality porcelain imitating marble so expertly, you get all the benefits and an incredible looking floor!

3. Porcelain is in different surface finishes

One key consideration when choosing your kitchen floor is tile finish. Porcelain finishes range from polished to lapatto, soft, matt, natural, honed, satin, antislip - to name a few! The great thing here is that there is usually a tile finish that will work for you.

Because kitchens have to cope with the thrills and spills of every day life and cooking, it may be that on occasion it will be wet underfoot. That of course will make it slippery so polished may not be the best option as it will be very slippery when wet for example.

Our Docklands collection is available in an Antislip Soft finish that is silky soft to the touch yet has antislip properties. Really clever technology means you get the best of both worlds, a matt floor with a nice antislip surface but with a soft feel that is so easy to clean.

5. Porcelain can be used inside and out

With the trend for outdoor living set to continue, one huge advantage of porcelain for your kitchen floor is the fact it can be used inside and outside.

Collections that house the same tile in different ratings for inside and outside (outside tiles have an antislip treatment to make them less slippery) mean you can create that beautifully seamless run across thresholds tapping right into the latest trends for inside outside living!

6. So easy to look after

Porcelain really is so easy to maintain. There is little more to keeping it clean than a quick mop with a bucket and water. You can ditch the harsh chemicals.

There is one key to ongoing simple maintenance and that is that they are correctly cleaned after installation to remove any excess grout and dirt. If that is done correctly then ongoing, porcelain is a cinch to maintain.

Is porcelain good for kitchen floors?

Well, we've explored 7 reasons - believe it or not there are more - things like the sheer choice of designs and the compatibility of porcelain with underfloor heating.

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