Cevisama Spanish Tile Exhibition, Valencia

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Cevisama is the main Spanish tile exhibition and an opportunity to seek out new collections, find out all about the latest tile technology and innovation and even fit in a little toast to friends and family! Read on to find out more!

What's new!
Terrazzo, terrazzo, terrazzo!

Our visit to Cevisama was to plug some gaps in our product offer so that is exactly what we have done! We were missing Terrazzo porcelain, tumble edged limestone porcelain and some more rustic, vintage porcelain tiles! So we scoured this amazing exhibition once again on the hunt for beautiful tiles to add to our portfolios. And we found some absolute treasures! 

Like this stunning new blue terrazzo porcelain now available added to our collections. Mix is a brilliant interpretation of Terrazzo and is a little gem of a tile collection. We love it and had to add it to our portfolios. 

Mix blue terrazzo porcelain, we just love this tile collection and had to add it to our portfolios!

We've got a Crush

And we didn’t stop there. This wonderful rouge terrazzo is also about to be added to our portfolios. We love it! It has a wonderful rustic vibe and beautiful warm tones. Crush will be available at the beginning of June. 

fs road mars1 v GK SZ1

You're a star!

This iconic tile caught our eye. The ubiquitous ceramic version has made it’s way into homes old and new. Now also available in porcelain you can take this collection outside onto the patio. We love it – inside, outside, patio, bathroom, kitchen – who knew! Both versions, ceramic and porcelain will be making their way into our collections soon!

fs rockstar v 1B SZ1

Strutting out stuff in the Studio

Wow, we love this. It’s being added as we write. Three colours – so simple, classy and chic. Watch our website for more! This is fresh and fun in white, terra and soot. Classic design, simple detail, lovely 40 x 20cm format. It works fabulously for walls throughout the home!

fsloft white 3 v k8 SZ1

Tumble edged limestone

And finally, another great find and addition to our portfolios this beautiful tumble edged limestone. We love this! Not only are there 3 size tiles, 30 x 60, 60 x 60 and 60 x 90, it is also available as an opus and has a 2cm outside version. What’s not to like! 

IMG 3492 scaled

A little sight seeing

We did find a little time for a whizz round Valencia – if you haven’t been the food hall is a must! Then off to Castellon and tile heaven and a chance to check out the production process of our porcelain and ceramic tiles! 

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IMG 3538 scaled

And that completed our little trip. Look out for the new collections on our website. Our aim is and always has been to bring you beautiful tiles, at great prices with fab service! That’s what we do! Happy tile shopping!

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