Choosing flooring terrazzo style in porcelain

Flooring terrazzo style can bring a captivating mix of colour to any space. Opting for a porcelain terrazzo effect tile such as our Define collection not only brings that wonderful mix of colour to spaces, it also brings with it all the key benefits of porcelain.  

The cool, grey terrazzo background of Define is enhanced with subtler hints of white and charcoal in the forefront. This blending of these hues makes this terrazzo effect porcelain tile a versatile, as well as daring, pick for your home or project.  

The terrazzo style embodies the Italian spirit of Sprezzatura: an easy elegance, an appearance of  gracefulness without apparent effort. The cool grey of Define will allow your space to achieve that feel of Sprezzatura. 

Venetian origins: the history of terrazzo

‘Terrazzo’ is rooted in the Italian word for terrace and the origin of the style dates back to a method used by Venetian artisans 500 years ago. Broken chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass were bound in cement and then polished smooth to achieve the iconic style. 


What we love about flooring terrazzo style is how this time-honoured and sophisticated design remains versatile for the modern home. And with porcelain, this is enhanced using the latest technology to craft a stunningly realistic, terrazzo tile that is super hardwearing and easy clean.

Define terrazzo porcelain grey

Why choose terrazzo style porcelain tiles?

The look of terrazzo, with its elegance and enchanting history, needs little justification. What really makes Define a perfect pick is the hard-wearing quality of the porcelain material. 

Define terrazzo effect porcelain tiles allow you to have the cool effect of grey alongside a scratch and stain resistant tile which is easy to clean. Define porcelain tiles therefore bring style as well as substance. 

The versatility of terrazzo effect porcelain

As well as being able to use terrazzo effect porcelain on the floor, these tiles can also adorn your walls. The large 900x900mm format works equally well for both bringing a modern take on an iconic style.      

Define terrazzo porcelain eff

And if Grey is too cool for your colour scheme, try Define Bone, it brings a playful blend of richer, warmer colours. And again, with the large 900 x 900mm format, these terrazzo effect tiles work as well on your walls as they do on the floor.  

Define terrazzo 600 x 600 porcelain effect tile bone

This is a tile that is equally at home in the kitchen or the office creating a statement wall or floor in your hallway, bathroom, or lounge. 

By choosing terrazzo effect porcelain tiles for your space you are joining that long, exquisite history of an iconic, yet practical, design. And the modern 900x900mm format really brings this classic terrazzo motif into modernity. 

Define terrazzo porcelain effect tile white detail

Define White brings a sophisticated feel to walls and floors

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