Bliss Large Format Porcelain Grey Bathroom Tiles

Choosing grey bathroom tiles

Ohh we love grey bathroom tiles! This is a colour that has been at the heart of interiors for ever and a day so if you’re looking to create a cool bathroom space then look no further. Grey tiles for bathroom spaces are one of our fortes and we’ve a heap of options to choose from. From our absolutely gorgeous Metro tiles to our Bliss collection, we’ve concretes, marbles, cements, woods and more. Whether you are looking for light silver grey tones or darker charcoal notes, we’ve got them all.  So check out our comprehensive guide to choosing grey bathroom tiles!

Designing with grey bathroom tiles - shades of grey

With more shades than you can shake a stick at, grey is a staple of the interior design world. This classic colour varies so much in tone from a beautiful soft silver grey to mid tone greys all the way through to dark greys and charcoals. You can keep your colour scheme tonal or add bright pops of colour. Whatever you choose, let’s take a look at some different grey tones:


Silver-Grey: If you are looking to create a fairly light and airy space then opting for a lighter toned grey tile for bathroom spaces can be a great option. Our Metro Silver is a great silver grey tile in a soft finish that has a wonderfully tactile feel to the tile surface. 


Mid-tone grey: darker than a silver grey, mid-tone grey bathroom tiles will marry well with either a darker charcoal or brighter, lighter white notes. This means you can use a combination of two tiles in your space if you really want to and create some contrast. Take our beautiful Bliss tile collection featured below with White for the walls set against a canvas of this wonderful grey Bliss in mid tone grey for the floors. 


Dark grey: If you are really looking to create drama then opting for a dark grey may do the trick. Creating a dark and moody look is always enhanced by lighting too, so opting for tiles with texture will help and even a tile with a slight sheen for the walls will gain you a little light reflectance. 


The amount of light in your room is a key consideration when choosing the tone of grey to opt for. Darker grey tones that are veering towards charcoals may make a room feel smaller so a good option can be to use the same tile in two different shades to create contrast whilst keeping your design beautifully simple. 


Bliss Grey and White stone effect tiles 

Designing with grey bathroom tiles - tile size

Tiles come in an array of sizes and tile size really can influence the final look of your project. So with everything from smaller feature tiles through to larger formats and a host of sizes in between, how do you choose the right tile size for your bathroom. 


Believe it or not, despite bathrooms being smaller spaces to design, larger format tiles can actually make a smaller room feel larger. That’s because larger tiles have less grout lines and less grout lines means walls and floors look less busy. If your budget won’t quite stretch to large format tiles than a good trick is to opt for a smaller tile and match the grout as close as you can for a seamless look and feel. 


It is important to consult with your tiler regards size of tile and suitability for your space. Bathrooms may well be on the 1st floor and that means that floors may have more flexibility than ground floor concrete bases. Larger tiles are covering a larger span and that means they need to be well supported so it is super important that substrates are prepared correctly. 


If you don’t want to opt for large grey bathroom tiles then picking a 600 x 600mm square floor tile can be a great option. That leaves you free to either continue with a 600 x 600mm tile onto the walls or opt for a 1200 x 600mm for walls – if installed vertically this means for a typical ceiling height of 2.4m you have just 2 tiles floor to ceiling keeping grout lines to a minimum.


4 100X100 Abode GREY 100x260 Abode GREY 100x260 Abode SILVER

Larger format tiles can make a space feel larger because there are less grout lines – Abode Grey

Designing with grey bathroom tiles - using feature tiles

Adding a feature tile to your bathroom can really bring the wow factor to spaces. Whether you opt to create your feature wall in the shower itself, behind a statement bath or on the wall facing you as you enter the bathroom there are lots of options. You may want to “stay grey” and pick a tile that works tonally with your floor and other wall tiles. Take our Bloom Taupe tiles, they work beautifully with charcoal, lighter grey and mid grey tones. 

Bloom oatmeal taupe porcelain feature tiles 1

Bloom Taupe tiles tones to perfection with greys

Designing with grey bathroom tiles - using texture


Textured tiles can add depth to design 

Any interiors expert will tell you that texture is critical to creating a cohesive design. Incorporating the rough with the smooth will add depth to your design so whilst tiles tend to be thought of as a hard surface, it is amazing the part that texture can play in softening a space. Take our Docklands feature wall tiles in Matt finishes. These tiles have a wonderful hewn finish to the surface that bring an almost a three-dimensional effect. As well as adding depth and interest, textured grey bathroom tiles can create a subtle focal point too.  A polished tile will reflect light and make spaces feel cooler whereas a textured tile will absorb light and make spaces feel warmer. 


Docklands wall tiles add a touch of texture 

Even the floor tile finish you choose can impact your overall design. A lovely textured matt tile will add warmth to your space and add underfloor heating and suddenly your space feels super cosy. Take our Docklands Grey tiles in Soft Antislip finish. These beautifully tactile tiles are a soft grey-brown colour – you could say putty colour – and they have such a lovely finish. They work brilliantly with natural materials and like hessians and jutes for a wonderfully natural feel. And of course, porcelain is very easy to clean – a mop and warm water are all that’s usually needed to do the trick. 


Docklands Grey is a beautiful warm toned grey tile perfect for the home

So if you are looking for grey bathroom tiles then check out our website or click any of the links under the images above. You will find a host of wonderful shades of grey tiles for bathroom spaces and if you need any help then get in touch! 

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Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiler for your project. Installation requirements may vary depending on the tiles you choose, the fixing products used and the specific conditions. Always check with your tiler regards the suitability of the tiles. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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