Choosing Grey Kitchen Floor Tiles

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The kitchen is without doubt the heart of the home and so deserves a flooring style that is not only practical, but also durable, functional and simply beautiful. Grey as a colour is still very much at the  heart of interior design. Our love affair with this super versatile colour will not be quashed for many reasons! So let’s delve into those reasons and find out why choosing grey kitchen floor tiles is still, and for the most part likely to always be, a top pick for stylish homes and in particular, grey porcelain floor tiles.

The versatility of Grey kitchen floor tiles

Grey is simply a super versatile colour. With more shades than you can shake a stick at this is a colour that has been described with a myriad of words. From silver greys, ash, light grey, dark grey, mid grey, stone, dove grey … the list could go on … it’s a colour that seamlessly integrates into interior styling allowing other elements to sing. 

So whilst opting for grey kitchen floor tiles will give you great design flexibility, you also want your tiles to be beautiful in themselves. Texture, size of tile and finish will all influence your final flooring choice and can make the difference between a tiled floor that is just “there” or a tiled floor that enhances your overall design and makes a stunning statement. Whilst your flooring choice may not be the “star” of the show you still want it to be amazing.

That’s where tile technology comes in. Superior, high quality tile manufacturers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with porcelain and ceramics. Porcelain tiles now cleverly echo all kinds of natural materials, mimicking concrete, cements, stone, marble, woods and metals with incredible precisions – so much so it can be tricky to tell the difference. What’s great with porcelain is that as well as echoing these materials, it comes with all the practicality that only porcelain can bring. In a nutshell it is hardwearing, scratch resistant, stain resistant, easy clean, in different finishes and different sizes, doesn’t require sealing and works brilliantly with underfloor heating. 


As flooring choices go, grey porcelain floor tiles are top pick.

Beat Grey Kitchen

The versatility of porcelain tiles


Grey kitchen floor tiles are a brilliantly practical option. This is after all one of the busiest rooms in the home and subject to the thrills and spills of every day life. Enduring high foot traffic, spillages, scratches and more, this is a space that requires a flooring material that provides exceptional resistance to daily wear and tear, is easy to clean and may even need to be practical for pets. Step forward porcelain. 

Porcelain is a material that is super hardwearing. It is scratch and stain resistant and a cinch to keep clean – a bucket of warm water and a mop are pretty much all that is required for day to day cleaning. Porcelain tiles are also available in different finishes meaning you can choose to opt for surface textures that are both practical from a slip resistance perspective, easy to clean and at the same time beautiful.  And these more matt finishes can also offer a little more traction underfoot so can also be great for pets.


10 33x100 Abode SILVER 33X100 DECOR 60X60 Abode SILVER AMB Grey kitchen floor tiles

Tone and texture - grey porcelain floor tiles

Grey kitchen floor tiles in lighter tones can make a small kitchen appear more airy and spacious. Add to that larger format tiles eg 800 x 800mm and 900 x 900mm where grout lines are at a minimum and this can also help enhance that feeling of spaciousness. On the other hand, darker tones like charcoals and anthracites can add a sense of warmth and coziness to spaces. Whichever end of the spectrum you plump for, grey marries well with a plethora of colours from bright pops of limes and oranges to the more muted tones of dusty pinks, blues and greens as well as neutral notes giving you design freedom when it comes to cabinetry, worksurface and dressing detail. 

Grey matt floor tiles for kitchens in particular are easy maintenance. Whereas a gloss tile is more prone to showing smudges, fingerprints and water spots (and not necessarily the most practical for busy kitchens where water spillages are more likely), matt tiles do a super job of concealing the spills and thrills of every days life! For homes with pets and children in particular, cleaning them is a breeze. 

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Complementing cabinetry and countertops

Grey kitchen floor tiles work so well with a multitude of kitchen cabinet and countertop options. Whilst lighter silver grey options create the perfect canvas for darker cabinetry as well as blues, greens and more and traditional worksurface options such as calcattas and statuarios, darker grey tiles can create the perfect backdrop for a beautifully simple pallet of crisp whites. Grey also pairs superbly with woods.. Which brings us nicely onto the subject of style of tile. Grey doesn’t just need to mean concrete and cement effects. Let’s not forget woods, marbles and more!


There's more to grey - marbles, woods, stone and more

Grey as a colour isn’t just restricted to concretes and cements. Woods, marbles, terrazzo and stone are all available in shades of grey and open up endless design possibilities. The huge advantage of porcelain of course is that where real wood and marble are prone to scratching, staining, wear, warping and bending and often require ongoing sealing and treatments, porcelain doesn’t need any such ongoing maintenance and won’t warp or bend – plus as we have already discovered it is also stain and scratch resistant. 



Open plan living

One brilliant advantage of choosing grey kitchen floor tiles is that those same tiles can make their way across entire ground floors and work brilliantly. Using the same tile across lounge, dining and kitchen spaces can really add to that feeling of open plan living and creating a consistent and cohesive design flow. It enables a seamless and elegant link between spaces and given it’s versatile nature as a colour doesn’t restrict colour options from space to space and allows use of furniture to zone areas if required. 


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Grey ... here to stay

Grey is a colour that is timeless and it’s enduring appeal in the world of interiors is a testament to it’s ability to adapt and remain relevant in ever changing design landscapes. It’s a colour that has been used in architecture and design for centuries in materials like concrete, stone and metals, It doesn’t overwhelm a space or dominate a colour a palette and that has ensured it has stood the test of time. It’s  neither too warm of too cold. It works well in formal and casual settings. It is contemporary and traditional. It’s a colour that is just simply, super versatile. Grey. It’s here to stay and so are grey kitchen floor tiles. 


Metro Grey the tileportfolio home

Trying to choose the right tiles for a project can be daunting. There is so much choice and as we have discovered size of tile, finish, grout colour and more will all influence how the final design looks. 

Before making any decisions, it is essential to start your journey to new tiles with sampling. This will enable you to check out some options under different lighting conditions and also build a mood board so you can see tile options alongside your potential chosen cabinets, paint and worksurface choices. We offer up to 6 free samples and an optional larger sample service which many of our customers use. Or, even better, visit our showroom. We encourage customers to bring along other design elements and play around with options. Choosing tiles should be fun! Happy renovating!


The TilePortfolio specialise in Italian and Spanish Porcelain and Ceramic tiles, in particular large format Porcelains and Porcelain tiles for inside and outside. Our carefully curated, stunning tile portfolios are beautifully presented online and supported by our fuss-free ‘go-the-extra-tile’ service. In addition, you can view our entire tile collection at our Northamptonshire Showroom.  Visit our website for unmissable interiors inspiration. The TilePortfolio team are always available to chat, we’d be delighted to help with your project so please do get in touch. 

Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiler for your project. Installation requirements may vary depending on the tiles you choose, the fixing products used and the specific conditions. Always check with your tiler regards the suitability of the tiles. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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