Choosing stone look floor tiles Bliss floor tile

Choosing stone look floor tiles

We are often asked the difference between real stone floor tiles and porcelain stone look floor tiles. For example, what are the benefits of opting for a porcelain tile over real stone – or vice versa. Why would you choose a porcelain tile? And how realistic are porcelain stone look floor tiles compared with the real thing. 


In this blog, we compare and explore real stone with porcelain stone look tiles. Without any doubt, these are tiles that will enhance any space and add a beautiful look and feel to any room, be that kitchen, dining, lounge or bathroom. 


A traditional flagstone size is 900 x 600mm and our Bliss Flagstone stone look tiles are that same size and designed to echo with all the beauty and originality of the real thing. 

Stone look tiles in porcelain vs natural stone


Stone look tiles done well can really make it hard to tell the difference from the real thing. Like any natural material, take marble or wood, stone has been used for many years as both a flooring material and to adorn walls. These natural materials will deal with wear and tear in different ways to porcelain. All of them including Stone are particularly soft and that means they tend to wear and dent and stain more easily than porcelain. 



Porcelain is a particularly dense material that is incredibly hardwearing. It is highly scratch resistant and wear resistant so it won’t show the marks from the thrills and spills of everyday living – think dog bowls, red wine, shoe scuffs and more!


Unlike natural stone, Porcelain doesn’t need sealing either. It is pretty much install and go. Porcelain does require a good thorough clean down following installation, but otherwise a mop and warm water should do the trick ongoing. With natural stone an initial seal is usually imperative and this process may need to be repeated over the course of its life. 



Of course, it is hard to beat the patina of aged worn stone, however, tile technology is continuously moving forward and there are some incredible tiles available now that can even emulate that feel of time worn tiles.  Manufacturers at the forefront of design and technique are using clever manufacturing techniques to not only create tiles that look like stone but that actually feel like stone. 

A stone look porcelain floor tile that's Bliss


Bliss stone look porcelain floor tile in gorgeous Caramel

Bliss is a wonderful example of all those tile technologies brought together to deliver a tile collection that exceeds the expectations of what porcelain can achieve. 


Natural flagstones tend to have a tumbled edge. This gives tiles an organic look and feel and a softness to the tiles. It also generally means that grout lines tend to be larger so perhaps up to 5 mm or more. 


One of the great things about Porcelain stone look tiles is you can still capture that rustic feel but tile edges are rectified. That means the edges are straight. This in turn means that grout lines can be as slim as 3mm for floors (the recommended British Standard). This delivers the best of both worlds, that gorgeous rustic vibe coupled with modern functionality. The edges of the tile surface are cleverly tumbled to give that look and feel of tumbled edged stone. 


Bliss 900 x 600mm stone look porcelain floor tile in Parchment off-white

Choosing a stone look porcelain floor tile in the bathroom

If you are looking for that spa at home feel then Bliss flagstones are a great example of how the right tile can enhance design. With simple design and a beautifully tactile surface Bliss brings that lived in feel to spaces and you can also consider using Bliss on wall aswell as the floor. Using the same tile for walls and floors can tie a bathroom design together beautifully. 


Opting for very simple tumbled edge stone look floor tiles can work exceptionally well if you are looking for rustic charm. 


Bliss Flagstone in Caramel

Stone look tiles for open plan living


Stone look tiles for open plan living

With open plan living a key part of interior design spaces are opened up like never before. Running the same tile across open plan spaces can add to a feel of flow and spaciousness. Large format tiles lend themselves to larger spaces too and with a rectangular tile like a traditional flagstone you may want to consider laying patterns. In the image above tiles are stacked rather than offset. The great thing is you have both options to choose from!

You can order samples of the new Bliss stone look tiles via our website soon or otherwise just give us a call if you like what we see and we can arrange to send out to you!

Want to know more about our limestone porcelain floor tile collection, Bliss? Hop onto our website and explore!

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