Finding that perfect designer ceramic tile

Looking to give walls a new lease of life? Both porcelain and ceramic are ideal, and whilst porcelain is a more hardwearing material, we think a designer ceramic tile has the edge when it comes to textured designs, cost and flexibility for walls. So why choose ceramic and how do you find that perfect designer ceramic tile? Read on!

1. Ceramics are a great way to get a designer tile for less

Ceramic tiles are basically made from clay and baked in a kiln at high temperatures. They are generally lighter in weight than porcelain and made from red, brown or white clay with a decorative glaze applied to the surface and they are generally more cost effective to buy than the denser, more hardwearing porcelain making them perfect for walls.

White clay tiles are also sometimes referred to as white bodied tiles. All our ceramics are white bodied and we think it's the exquisite design, fine detailing and styling that sets our designer ceramics apart. A good example is our Fleece and Glacier Spanish wall tiles where new technology has created designer ceramic tiles that sport a dazzling degree of whiteness along with a gorgeous silky smooth surface.

What's clever here too is the design appears deeper than it actually is! What we love about that is these tiles are super easy to keep clean with a beautiful texture and bring a stunning design to feature walls. And as these tiles are easier to cut than porcelain that makes them faster to install - a win for smaller bathrooms with tricky angles.

2. Ceramics a cost-effective way to get a designer look

Because ceramic tiles are easier to cut and faster to install they are a great way of making your budget go that bit further. As bathroom tiles can require lots of cuts they tend to be more cost-effective than porcelains so well worth a look.

3. Ceramics allow for creative patterns

Ceramics allow for more creative patterns and designs. From the handcrafted appeal of smaller tiles to larger formats, ceramics are perfect for creating everything from bathroom feature walls to kitchen splashbacks.

As any interiors expert will tell you, texture is a really important aspect of interior design but, if you don't have the help of an expert, it can easily get overlooked and end up as a bit of an afterthought.

Ceramic tiles are a really simple way to introduce texture to walls - whether that is a small area behind a sink, a larger area behind the bath or as a feature wall - or two.

4. You can mix porcelain and ceramics

Porcelain is the ideal choice for bathroom floors. It comes in all sorts of finishes and slip ratings, so for wet room floors in particular textured tiles with a higher antislip rating are a must.

For walls though, you could opt for porcelain or ceramics. In bathrooms in particular using ceramics gives you the opportunity to mix it up a little, get creative and make the most of your budget.

You will see on our website where we have complimentary ceramic tiles for a collection. Remember though, ceramics and porcelains are made from different materials so there is likely to be a slight colour difference between tiles. However, because they are on different planes ie horizontal and vertical this isn't usually a problem. The best way to be sure is to order samples of both so you can see for yourself!

And don't forget kitchen splashbacks. Ceramics are a superb way to add a focal point.

Docklands Beige 600 x 600mm porcelain tiles in Antislip Soft finish to floors with Docklands Thread White ceramic wall tiles 900 x 320mm.

5. Ceramics tiles don't need to be small

We tend to think of ceramics as smaller tiles, but because we specialise in large format tiles, our Spanish wall tiles and ceramics are in larger formats too. Size is specific to collection so some are in 900 x 320mm or 1000 x 333mm. The great thing with these tiles is minimal grout lines so less cleaning! Always a bonus in the bathroom.

6. You can use your designer ceramic tiles anywhere

Ceramic tiles don't have to just feature in the bathroom or kitchen. They can be used anywhere from entrance halls to stairways, offices to living spaces. Harnessing natural light across the course of the day can play beautifully with the surfaces picking out the peaks and troughs of design adding a gorgeous element to your overall space.

Need some more advice on finding that perfect designer ceramic tile? We would be delighted to help so get in touch. We'd love to be your partner in design!

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Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiler for your project. Always check with your tiler regards suitability of your chosen tiles for your project.

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