10 great reasons to choose designer porcelain tiles

10 great reasons to choose designer porcelain tiles

With a wealth of material types to choose from for the walls and floors in your home, Porcelain ticks all the boxes as one of the most hardwearing and versatile you can possibly pick. From entire ground floors, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and outside spaces - it’s pretty much perfect anywhere.

And whilst we can't promise you that view ... we can give you designer porcelain tiles to create impeccably stylish walls and floors.

1. Porcelain is exceptionally hardwearing

2. High resistance to stains

Because it’s so dense, porcelain is highly unlikely to stain, so a swift mop with water is all it usually takes.

3. No sealing, waxing or polishing

Unlike natural materials like marble and stone, porcelain is pretty much install and go. Apart from an important initial clean to remove any grout residue it requires minimal love and care to keep it looking as good as new – again, ongoing a mop and water will usually do the trick.

4. Stunning designs

This is a material that, when done well, expertly mimics everything from metal, concrete, cement, stone, marble, woods and more.

It’s hats off to digital technology that designs are more and more realistic and that some collections often have 20, 30 or even up to 40 different patterns per tile making for brilliantly realistic walls and floors. Gone are the days of just one or two tile designs that repeat across entire stretches of wall or floor.

5. It can be installed outside for patios and terraces

6. There are lots of finishes and slip ratings

Tile finishes vary and many collections house a number of surface textures from Matt which can be used just about anywhere, to Polished if you are looking for a truly sumptuous feel.

Plus advances in technology are creating tile finishes that mimic natural materials with expert realism. Take our Contour finish where pattern and texture align on the tile surface to echo the veining of marble and the knots of real wood. With imitation comes none of the limitations of the natural materials. The humid, wet conditions of a bathroom are no issue for our Season wood effect porcelain planks.

More textured and antislip surfaces offer additional slip protection for areas where water is present and extra slip resistance is needed - so perfect for indoor wetrooms, outside patio and garden areas.

Add to that technical advances in surface textures, that mean the same tile can be used inside and out in one slip rating and suddenly a whole new world of possibilities is opened up.

7. It can be used with underfloor heating

Unlike wood, laminates and quartz, porcelain works perfectly with both wet and dry underfloor heating systems. Just ensure you check with an expert regards installation of both the heating and tiling and initial commissioning of your system.

8. A wealth of sizes, larger formats and super-sizes

9. Rectified edges, minimal grout lines

Where porcelain tiles are rectified, grout lines can be at an absolute minimum (recommended minimum 3mm for floor tiles and 2mm for wall tiles). The beauty here is a more seamless look. Definitely the go to for those seeking ‘more tile, less grout’.

10. It is beautifully hygienic

There’s nowhere for dust and dirt to gather with porcelain, so unlike carpet it has nowhere to hide.

What’s not to like? Porcelain makes perfect walls and floors.

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Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiler for your project. Always check with your tiler regards suitability of your chosen tiles for your project.

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