Designing with Greige – a marriage of beige and grey hues

In this blog we explore designing with greige tiles and how this colour chameleon seamlessly blends the cool notes of grey and warming notes of beige to deliver a hue that is sophisticated, timeless and elegant. So let’s take a look at this fusion colour and some tips and tricks to bear in mind when designing with greige interior floor tiles. 

Embracing greige - a timeless hue

Greige strikes the perfect balance between cosy and cool. It’s muted undertones are a perfect canvas for those seeking a neutral canvas that is neither too warm or too cold. The beauty of greige is it works in all kinds of settings, contemporary or rustic.  As a tone you can effortlessly warm it up or cool it down making it super versatile. So it is the perfect colour for those who can’t decide which way to go! 

From wall tiles to wall paint, furniture, rugs, textiles and accessories, greige is a brilliant canvas for creating a cohesive design and calming atmosphere. At the same time, it allows other colours to pop and shine! Think bright pinks, oranges, blues and greens for example, all of which pair perfectly well with both grey and beiges. All this makes greige and in particular greige floor tiles a totally timeless choice. 

Choosing interior floor tiles can be tricky, especially if you are looking for a tile to run across several open plan areas. You need a tile that will work both from a practical perspective – think cosy lounge to busy kitchen – and everything in between. Whilst our love affair with grey is unlikely to ever end, partly because of the practicality and versatility of this colour, the latest trends are tending towards warmer, natural tones and sands, beiges and taupes to name a few. So what to opt for can feel like an overwhelming decision – especially when the choices you make involve your dream home and are ones you are likely to be living with for some time to come. 

In addition, the right products can without doubt, add value to your home. Good quality fixtures and fittings along with colour can all increase the value of your property and are seen as an investment.

Poise stone effect porcelain greige tiles

Poise Greige interior floor tiles

Tips and tricks to designing with greige and greige tiles

So if you are thinking of opting for OR do opt for greige then here are a few things to consider when designing with this unique colour. 

1 Layering Textures:

Texture, and how it is used, as any interior design expert will advise, is key to  a successful design. Combining the rough with the smooth brings depth to design. Matt finishes tend to absorb more light than polished surfaces, that in turn makes a matt surface feel a little warmer than a cooler shiny surface.  You can add to this by incorporating plush textures, so materials such as wool, velvet, hessian will add even more depth and visual interest to spaces. The beauty of greige matt tiles is you can work across a spectrum of colours that work with both grey and sands. 

2 Create Contrast:

If you want contrast then pairing your greige tiles with darker hues or bright whites will create a striking contrast. A stark white painted wall with gorgeous greige tiles will bring a fresh vibe to spaces. Charcoals and graphites will marry equally well as they work brilliantly with both beige and grey tones.

3 Harmonious design

As a colour greige is perfect for designing with more muted tones – think warm whites, taupe, stone, calico and buff along with wicker, jutes and hessian. Throw in gorgeous greens by means of foliage and using a blended colour pallet of these natural warm shades will create a beautiful harmonious ambience. 

4. Accentuate with pops of colour

Both beiges and greys work fantastically well with pops of bright colour so it’s is an obvious next step that so too will greige.  Greige internal floor tiles are a fantastic canvas for introducing some accent colours – and it’s easy to do this through furnishings and accessories or even a feature wall. Pack a punch with jewel tones like emerald greens and sapphire blues or burnt ochres, plush pinks and oranges to truly elevate and accentuate your greige colour palette. 


Greige tiles - designs

Greige tiles and in particular greige floor tiles, like all porcelain tiles, come in different designs and finishes. Take our new Oakwood Greige wood effect floor tiles. These beautiful interior floor tiles are in a large format 1510 x 240mm size. The finish – a lovely soft antislip – enhances the look of these tiles giving them a matt feel and highlighting the wonderful blend of grey and beige. 


Oak wood effect porcelain floor tiles griege lounge

Oakwood Greige interior floor tiles

Poise Greige

Poise is a refined stone porcelain tile collection of 5 beautifully balanced colours with the subtlest of white veining. Greige in particular is the perfect blend of grey and beige and a tile that works on floors and walls across the home. 

Poise stone look porcelain greige closeup

Poise Greige wall and floor tiles

Interior floor tiles - why porcelain?

Porcelain is a brilliantly hardwearing material. Correct installation is key, so we always recommend using a professional installer for your project. Once installed correctly and with a final clean down sorted, your porcelain tiles are easy to maintain going forward, fade resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant and provide you with a canvas upon which dream rooms are made! 

Size of tile, style and colour all make a huge difference to spaces. Larger tiles equal less grout lines and that in turn brings a more seamless feel to floors or walls. Picking interior floor tiles where you have a closely matching grout colour – think greige on greige – will also open up space and give an airy feel.  

Want to find out more? Click on any of the links beneath the photos to find out more about our greige tiles.

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