Designing with rustic wood effect tiles

There’s no getting away from it, wood evokes a sense of warmth and brings a lovely cosy vibe to spaces. And designing with rustic wood effect tiles can enhance that vibe even more with the gorgeous patina only aged wood can bring. Rustic wood tiles can add character and charm and opting for a porcelain or ceramic rustic wood effect tile delivers design, durability and beauty in equal measure. 


So if you are looking to infuse your design and reproduce all the unique natural beauty of a time-worn fine floor delve into our collections!

Let’s start with Vibe. This beautiful wood plank collection features 30 – yes 30 – different patterns each individual plank mimicking the knots, grains and variation in real wood. It’s the echoing of these natural imperfections so well, that gives these wonderful rustic wood effect tiles their “Vibe”. Add to that all the key benefits of porcelain including scratch resistance, stain resistance, easy clean, hygienic, compatible with underfloor heating and more, and these are rustic wood tiles that blend age worn charm with modern functionality. 

The benefits of porcelain

Super tough, stain resistant, and perfect for underfloor heating porcelain is naturally cool in summertime and can be warmed up in winter. It’s a breeze to keep clean – a mop and warm water will usually do the trick and it is hygienic too. It’s manufacturing process makes porcelain super hardwearing – in fact there is little that will scratch a porcelain tile – other than another porcelain tile.

Designing with rustic wood effect tiles

Vibe rustic wood effect tiles are great for floors and walls

Designing with rustic wood effect tiles like Vibe

Designing with rustic wood effect tiles like Vibe is perfect for everything from small cosy snugs to larger open plan floors, kitchens and bathrooms. These tiles come in a Soft Antislip finish – that gives them a little more grip with an R11 A+B+C rating. Clever technology also means they are super easy to keep clean too! Ideal for dog and cat lovers these tiles will help ensure pooches paws don’t slip around and unlike real wood, they won’t scratch, dent or mark. They are perfect for busy households and well able to deal with the thrills and spills of everyday life. 


Their 1215 x 195mm size gives  them a lovely large format feel and they can be laid in a variety of different ways including herringbone. It’s a well known fact that porcelain tiles, regardless of quality, can have a slight curve across their length, so it’s important not to overlap one tile with another by more than 33% when installing. That way you avoid unsightly “lippage” ie where your tiles are not flat. 


The natural tones of Vibe means it marries beautifully with a host of other tile designs. Take our stunning Icon star design tiles as shown here. This is a great way to zone spaces too – using different tiles in the same open plan area. Icon is also part of our Rustic tile portfolio and these iconic star tiles are a brilliant way to add a focal point to spaces. 


We think Vibe would also partner up well with our Patina Blue Rust and Corten metal effect tiles! So hop onto our website and start experimenting! You can select up to 6 free samples so well worth picking a few different options! Click the link below to Vibe and from there, you can explore all our Tile Portfolios!


Vibe rustic wood effect tiles are great for floors and walls

We're in a Tangle

We loved Tangle as soon as we saw it in Spain earlier this year at the Cevisama tile exhibition. From country pad to Parisian cafe styling, it is a tantalising triumph of design! In a 45cm x 45cm format, these red body ceramic tiles are simply exquisite. The collection also features Tangle Plank designed to work with Tangle or on it’s own. These rustic wood tiles are perfect for hallway floors, the lounge, office, and bathroom – or just about anywhere in the home!

TANGLE e1683149159158

Tangle 45cm x 45cm ceramic floor tiles


Tangle Plank ceramic floor tiles

Tangle pairs perfectly with marbles, leather and natural materials as you can see here. Experimenting mixing up rustic wood tiles with other materials can add a contemporary twist too, think concrete, metals and natural stone. With tile technology pushing the boundaries of what is possible with tile design, it really can be tricky to tell the real thing from ceramics and porcelains! Tangle does a brilliant job of drawing on the past and evoking a feeling of time worn spaces and looking so natural!

Tangle Rustic Tiles Effect ceramic tile floor

Tangle works beautifully with other materials and clever design means this really does look like the real thing!

One huge advantage of rustic wood effect tiles is that unlike real wood, they can be used in bathrooms. 

They won’t bend or warp with moisture so you can get designing your new bathroom to your hearts content!  Here . 


Tangle comes in a variety of patterns for a brilliantly authentic feel. Echoing the knots and gnarls of the real thing these midi sized tiles definitely deliver on authenticity!



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