Dwell Taupe 1510 x 240mm porcelain planks

Dwell Taupe Porcelain Planks 1510 x 240mm

This fab project features around 50sqm of our Dwell Taupe large format porcelain plank tiles. The clients were looking for a wood effect porcelain tile that was easy to clean, would work across a large space and had a finish that would work well in a kitchen. They didn't want anything that could be too slippery when wet.

Another key consideration around flooring was the lovely pet pooches and picking a tile that had a little more grip so their paws wouldn't keep slipping - but was still easy to clean.

Dwell was the perfect pick. With a Soft Antislip finish and R11 A+B+C rating, this is a tile that is easy to clean and just needs a quick mop with warm water and has a lovely texture with a little grip so great for kitchens or wetrooms.

It's an ideal tile for pets - and of course, porcelain is stain & scratch resistant so super hardwearing.

We helped our clients with laying patterns for the tiles - and because these tiles are large format advised how it is essential the overlap of the tiles is no more than 1/3. Any porcelain tiles with a length over 600mm - no matter how high quality - should not be installed with an overlap of more than 33% to avoid lippage.

Our clients are so pleased commenting "needless to say we are delighted with the tiles. So glad we came and met you and the tiles must have enough grip as the dogs enjoy tearing around the island!"

"We had enough tiles to carry on into the hallway and we think that was a good choice."

We agree and are so pleased they are pleased! Our clients have kindly sent us photos pre furniture arriving and invited us to visit ourselves as new furniture is being delivered imminently! Watch this space for updates!

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