Using high quality ceramic tiles in design

Using high quality ceramic tiles in design

High quality ceramic tiles can not only transform a room design, they are a brilliant way to add a touch of texture to walls and all at a very reasonable cost.

We take a look at the benefits of using these tiles in your design, how the latest tiles are mimicking other materials with ground-breaking appeal and creating beautiful feature walls with textured tiles.

The benefit of high quality ceramic tiles

Spanish ceramic tiles are renowned for their beautiful designs and great quality. They come in a wealth of patterns and are a really good alternative to porcelain. They can be more cost effective than porcelain for two key reasons. Their make-up means they are not as dense as porcelain giving them a more lightweight feel and in larger formats they are easier to cut - a particular benefit in small bathrooms where 'more tile, less grout' is a key ask.

With tile formats on the increase, and small bathrooms sometimes featuring awkward corners or angles that may require lots of cuts, high quality ceramic tiles are a great option, because they are easier to cut and quicker to install.

In addition, for walls, textured ceramic tiles can create stunning feature walls, add depth to design and a splash of interest and help you stay in budget!

Mix it up - Porcelain and high quality Ceramic tiles

We love Porcelain. There are no two ways about it, it is a brilliantly hardwearing product, in beautiful designs and is often the unsung hero of the day! Floors in homes across the country are walked upon daily and Porcelain tiles will take the beat of feet in their stride without barely a hint of wear and tear. Porcelain is equally at home on walls and is brilliantly versatile with formats going larger and finishes becoming ever more realistic.

However, it is worth giving a thought to high quality ceramic tiles for walls as an alternative. That way, you are getting the best of both worlds. A hardwearing Porcelain tile for floors along with a co-ordinating Ceramic tile for walls.

Incredibly realistic finishes with the latest tiles

Tile technology means the latest tiles are echoing the appearance of other materials with incredible realism. Take our Season collection where tile texture is aligned with ultra realistic wood designs to bring these porcelain planks to life highlighting the knots and grain of the real thing.

The beauty here, as with marble effect tiles is a product where imitation has none of the limitations of the real thing. Wood can be used in the bathroom - or, with some collections even go outside - with virtually no ongoing maintenance.

Season Caramel wood effect Porcelain tiles to floor and wood effect Ceramic tiles to RH wall

You really could be mistaken for thinking this is real wood. And the really great thing here is the option of Porcelain tiles in beautiful large 1510 x 240mm formats coupled with the additional option, as show below, of a co-ordinating Ceramic tile for walls.

These large format Ceramics are some of the latest tiles to be added to our Tile Portfolios. The stunning 1000 x 333mm format means they give a seamless appearance with absolutely minimal grout lines.

Season Caramel Ceramic Wall tiles 1000 x 333mm

It's not just tiles that look like woods that are benefiting from the latest technology. Cements and concretes too are showcasing the beauty of the imperfect with non-uniform surfacing, changes of shade, and the salts and flaking that reminiscent of the pavement.

Again, by carefully aligning design and texture, these latest tiles are beautifully designed and ultra-realistic and can prove to be cost effective.

Textured Ceramics in design

As it goes, texture can very often get overlooked in our design quest and become a bit of an afterthought. But this is more than adding a few cushions here and there. As any interiors professional will tell you, it’s a really important aspect of interior design.

The flooring we choose, our wall coverings, the furniture and furnishings we select, aswell as things like ornaments, plants, pictures and lighting can all play a part in creating diversity of texture.

If we think about it, ultra-smooth shiny surfaces tend to feel cooler than matt or softer finishes. That's because the former reflects light indicating coolness whereas surfaces that absorb more light tend to make us feel more warm and cosy.

The TilePortfolio Adore Bottle Green ceramic wall tiles

Textured wall tiles and feature walls

For walls, particularly with high quality ceramic tiles, there are some stunning pattern and relief textures so designs can be used to create feature walls.

Texture visually fills spaces bringing a more intimate feel so for smaller rooms and in particular bathrooms, using it wisely is key, but it can create that lovely cosiness we sometimes crave. Combining textured tiles with a plain tile elsewhere will also ensure your textured feature wall stands out.

Studio wall ceramic in White

For larger rooms, if using textured ceramic tiles make sure the scale of the textured area is in proportion to the rest of the room. It is worth thinking about where you want your feature wall and how the light - both natural and artificial - may affect it.

Crush terrazzo effect floor tiles with Studio White ceramic wall tiles

Textured tiles and light

Natural light can play beautifully across textured surfaces so they take on a life of their own and change from morning to evening. And well placed artificial lighting will create highlights and shadows on the tile surface emphasising the peaks and troughs of designs.

To add texture successfully, your room or space needs to be viewed as a whole and getting the balance right is key. Mastering the art of texture isn’t easy but as walls and floors make up most of a room’s surface area, finishing them with an interesting texture can be an easy first step.

For more textured high quality ceramic tiles and beautiful porcelain tiles, visit our website, or contact us, we’d love to help with your project!

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