Red tiles, green tiles, blue tiles – create with colour with porcelain Italian Flooring

Let's hear it for tiles with tones of terracotta, a hint of mint and beautiful blues. Rustic, earthy vibes are in. Sage green is the wise choice for 2021. And now the sun is out we're certainly not feeling too blue. Want to add a splash of colour? Here's some beautiful Italian flooring tiles to get you inspired.

Setting the sage

Green is the colour that signals health and well-being. Our Blend Sage feels restful and restorative, and pairs with naturals and neutrals including woods, concretes and more. So with Green set to be the wise colour choice for kitchens for 2021, our Blend Sage green tiles are right on trend.

Where's your metal

Intense colour, rich shades and an identity all of it's own, this blue-black mottled masterpiece is the stuff of daring design. Use it on it's own - on walls or floors - or pair with creams and whites - in fact it works to perfection with Rope from our Artisan Italian flooring collection as shown here.

The TilePortfolio Forge Blue Mottle and Artisan Rope both in 800 x 800mm in Matt finish

We're feeling grand

What we love about this scheme is the neutral design to the centre and how brilliantly it's enhanced with the Nutmeg tiles surrounding it.

Flooring plays a key role in zoning and can be a really useful way to define an area. It's done to perfection here - and this is a great example of using different tile sizes in the same space. The same Blend Nutmeg 600 x 600 tiles on the floor are used for the skirting in 600 x 300mm size. The Blend Twine tiles to the centre in 1200 x 1200mm size co-ordinate with the Twine super size slabs in 2780 x 1200mm to the walls.

The TilePortfolio Blend Nutmeg porcelain tiles in 600 x 600mm to outer area andThe TilePortfolio Blend Twine 1200 x 1200mm to seating area both in Soft finish. Nutmeg 600 x 300mm tiles to skirting and Twine 2780 x 1200mm super size slabs to walls.

Out of the blue

If your bathroom just isn't cutting it then you can't go far wrong with a makeover in blues and creams. Subtler than black and whites, the contrast is still there, but more soft-hued. Navy blue tiles work so well with woods and whites too. This is bathroom makeover made easy and it's super stylish.

Rustic vibes

We're heading outside. From pots to tiles, bricks to roof tiles, this burnished brown-red colour whose Terracotta name comes from the Italian for 'baked earth' is a colour that is so versatile and striking, it's loved by all. Part of our Artisan collection this is a tile that will put the colour into any interior or exterior.

It's all verdigris to me

One of our favourites. It's just gorgeous. Blue-greens, copper-browns - it's a delight. And in so many sizes it will work whatever your space.

More marvellous metals

We started with metals and will end with metal effect tiles. These gorgeous large format 1000 x 1000 are dark and moody, with hints of burnished copper tones. They pick up the light beautifully. The Corten version below is more rust in tone with hints of blue-black. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and more, they are marvellous.

Searching for those perfect Italian flooring tiles? Get in touch with us, we'd be delighted to help.

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