Discover beautiful Spanish marble effect tiles

Discover beautiful Spanish marble effect tiles

This exquisite material needs little introduction. Our Italian marble effect tiles are Sleek, sumptuous and stunning in equal measure it's graced the walls and floors of luxurious properties for years and it just oozes opulence.

Marble is one of the finest materials but it is also one of the most delicate. It is beautifully soft and tactile, however, that also makes it prone to scratching. It is tricky to work with and it can be expensive but if you are prepared to carry out regular sealing, ensure spillages are wiped up in a flash to avoid staining and accept it will scratch fairly easily then the real thing may be for you.

Imitation without the limitations

If that all seems high maintenance, then Spanish marble effect porcelain on the other hand is highly scratch resistant, doesn't need sealing, is far easier to handle and install, is highly resistant to stains and can be a fraction of the cost.

Add to that great design. Quality porcelains are capable of replicating the veining, shades and irregularities of the real thing with expert precision, whilst also bringing longevity. If you love real marble, but are having second thoughts about the genuine article, then Porcelain is your go-to.


Polished and Natural Matt Finishes

When we think marble we generally think Polished, however, Natural or Matt finishes can completely transform the same tile, making marble effect porcelains brilliantly versatile. With a colour palette that includes classic marble tones alongside some of the coolest shades to satisfy the very latest trends in the interiors world - we dare you not to fall in love with our Macchia Vecchia collection.

Carerra is also renowned for it's striking simplicity and our Carerra Argent and Oro are no exception. These beautifully designed tiles are in both polished and natural finishes. The natural finish in particular is beautifully soft to the touch - yes this is a tile we know - but it has such a tactile surface.

View Carerra Argent

If you are looking for drama, our Marquina Oro is just the ticket. This is oppulent, sophisticated and is perfect for a stunning backdrop.

Porcelain at large

Just as developments in technology have enabled porcelain to echo natural materials with ever greater precision, it has also enabled formats to steadily increase. Larger tiles are becoming the go-to for interiors for those seeking 'more tile, less grout'.

Quality is key

These are marbles of the highest quality that offer consistent performance. The colour does not change or become opaque over time and as with all porcelains the advantages are so many to mention - easy to clean, suitable for underfloor heating, fire resistant, durable, recyclable, water and damp resistant, easy to install, scratch resistant.

The collection is the result of research and development utilising the best technical solutions combining aesthetic appeal, practicality and functionality. The Polished finish in particular is the result of a special mechanical process that produces small dots or hollows and a non-uniform shine across the surface. This is an intrinsic feature of the product giving them a more natural feel.

For more information on marbles, Spanish marble effect tiles and larger formats check out our Guides and Inspiration Hub or call us, we'd be delighted to help

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