Create showstopping walls with large ceramic wall tiles


Create showstopping walls with large ceramic wall tiles

Texture or how an object feels can very often get overlooked in interior design. There are so many other things to think about when redesigning, redefining and redecorating. But as any interiors professional will tell you, it’s a really important aspect of an overall design.

This isn’t about throwing the odd cushion or 'throw' in here and there for effect, it’s about layering and thoughtfully combining the plush with the smooth to create textural diversity.

It sounds obvious that ultra-smooth, shiny surfaces reflect light, and softer surfaces absorb it, but these surfaces really can give an overall indication of coolness or warmth.


Texture can come from a whole host of objects - think furniture, flooring, plants, ornaments, pictures and lighting to name a few. Wall coverings can also play a part. Using large ceramic wall tiles to add texture to walls is a great way to add interest, depth and even warmth to a space. And of course, they are super practical too.

We all love a beautifully restrained, neutral colour pallet that feels natural and fresh. That same design can be beautifully enhanced by mixing up tile finishes in the same space. Adding surface texture to a particular wall or area sparks interest and allows the tiles to do the talking.

Textured tiles for bathrooms

Bathrooms can be tricky spaces to design. Do you tile every wall, do you go floor to ceiling or half-height? Do you only tile where water may be an issue? Do you tile one, two, three or all four walls.

Bathrooms tend to be some of the smallest rooms in the home so can benefit from lighter shades of colour particulary if there isn’t a swathe of natural light to be had. Textured tiles are a brilliant way to add interest whilst still opting for more neutral tones and creating a focal point, for example, behind a vanity area.

Tile collections that feature both plain and textured large ceramic wall tiles, like our Docklands, get the thumbs up from us – they make life a whole lot easier from a design perspective! We’re all for ready-made designs that work and create a show-stopping canvas.


Texture visually fills spaces bringing a more intimate feel so particularly for smaller bathrooms using it wisely is key. Picking just using textured tiles on one wall or behind the bath for example and combining with a plain tile elsewhere will also ensure your feature wall stands out.

Studio Terra ceramic wall tiles

Textured tiles for living spaces

And there’s no need to stop at bathrooms. Textured large ceramic wall tiles work equally well in living spaces. Making sure the scale of the textured pattern is in proportion to the rest of the room is important and where you position the feature wall can make a huge difference.

Crush Rouge floor tiles with Studio White feature wall to back wall

Being able to harness the natural light across the course of the day can play beautifully across textured surfaces. They take on a life of their own and in the evening, well placed lighting picks out the peaks and troughs of designs.

Ultra realistic tile finishes

The TilePortfolio Season Caramel wood effect porcelain planks to floor with ceramic wall tiles to create feature wall

Great quality porcelain and ceramics expertly mimic all kinds of materials from marbles to metals, concretes to cements and more.

It’s hats off to digital technology that designs are more and more realistic with the ability to follow the contours of everything from natural stone to the veining of marble and the texture of woods in the surfacing of tiles.

These are surfaces that are more subtle in regard to texture, but it's still there in the exquisite detailing.

Season Caramel Wall Tiles
The TilePortfolio Season Caramel wood effect ceramic wall tiles

A matt white backdrop can make a stunning canvas leaving real design freedom - but there is a risk it can feel a little clinical and cold. Using a tile with a textured pattern is a great way of warming up a design. Especially with soft matt finishes.

The TilePortfolio Fleece White large ceramic wall tiles Studio in White

To add texture successfully, your room or space needs to be viewed as a whole and getting the balance right is key. Mastering the art of texture isn’t easy but as walls make up a vast element of a room’s surface area, finishing them with an interesting texture can be an easy first step.

For more ideas on how to get creative with texture, contact us, we’d love to help!

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