Designing with a modern porcelain large format marble tile

A contemporary classic

The name marble is derived from 'marmaros' meaning a 'snow white and spotless stone', it can also mean to 'shine'. This most astonishingly beautiful of building materials can take many forms from the soft grey veining of Carrara to the drama of Marquina.

Walls, floors, furniture and more, it is cool, opulent and rich in equal measure and gives a sense of the lavish. As materials go marble is quite soft and tricky to work with, but if you are prepared to accept the ongoing love and care it needs, keep the red wine well and truly clear and accept the fact it may scratch and mark, then a large format marble tile may be an extravagance that is worth paying the price for.

On the other hand, if you love marble, are on a budget and are seeking a hassle free alternative, that is easier to install, look no further than porcelain. This is where stunning design and superior practicality meet a more wallet-friendly material that still makes rooms into masterpieces.

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Thoroughly modern marbles

As tile technology continues to astound us, large format marble tiles in porcelain are perfectly capable of replicating the irregularities, veining and shading that we so love about real marble - and with incredible precision. So much so, it can be tricky to tell the difference. We look at some of our favourites from our collections and explore Natural and Matt finishes to see how they can transform these beautiful large tiles into modern masterpieces.

Our favourite matt marbles

We love this Matt version of our Belleza Bianco. It's the perfect balance of design and finish and works anywhere from bathroom to reception area, kitchen to living and in stunning large formats.

If it's sultry splendour you are seeking then Marquina is a great shout. These large format Matt floor tiles pair to perfection with the aubergine furnishings. With these tiles in gorgeous 900 x 900mm, 1200 x 600mm and 1510 x 750mm formats they make a stunning canvas.

Marquina oro e1687430789753

The definition in the design of our Macchia Vecchia tiles is stunning - they make a solid statement and partner to perfection with woods, cements and metals. They make the perfect modern large format marble tiles and as with all porcelain are so hardwearing.

Mixing marble and metal effect porcelains may not have been the first thing you were thinking of, however this is our Bellezia Bianco with our Patina Blue Rust. It works because the burnished spots in Blue Rust tone with the golden hues in the marble.

We couldn't finish without featuring our Carerra Oro and Argent - both staples of our collections. These are our go-to marbles. They are exquisitely simple in design. The Natural finish is a silky sublime surface and when partnered with our Dwell wood effect porcelains is a match made in heaven.

Try Oro with Dwell Taupe and try the Carerra Argent with Dwell Smoke for a sublime silver grey combination. Marbles and wood make the perfect pairing.

For more large format marble tile ideas go to our website!

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