How to choose large white floor tiles

How to choose large white floor tiles

White. It's timeless, chic, endlessly adaptable and it never dates. It always allows other elements to do the talking. It pairs with anything. Especially natural materials - think rattan, woods, botanicals. It's perfectly minimalist and always inviting.

Looking for large white floor tiles? In no particular order, here are 5 of our favourites from The TilePortfolio collections. Tricky job to narrow to 5 - we love them all!

Docklands White - Cement effect porcelain

This is the star colour of this collection. It's a beautiful soft white with the merest whisper of light grey flecks and has the most gorgeous Antislip Soft finish. It works across walls and floors and can be used inside and out with it's R11 A+B+C rating.

The supercool industrial design has the feel of worn cement. If you're looking for a white tile that has some warmth, is contemporary but not stark then this is it.

Forge Platinum - Metal effect

Ohh we just love this tile. It's a metal effect so the surface has patches of almost brown-grey which just brings it to life. It pairs so well with Forge Mint - in fact any of the Forge collection - and it's in a brilliant range of sizes.

If your looking for wow then this is it. The 1200 x 1200mm is just stunning, but if you don't want to go that big then the 800 x 800mm is a great shout - still large enough to feel large format, but easier to handle - and more cost-effective.

Swoop White - Stone effect

As Stone effect porcelains go, Swoop is super-usable. The design takes inspiration from the Apuan Alps and it has a lovely fine grained surface that is smattered with marble like veins. It has a lovely contemporary feel and in the Antislip Soft finish it is highly versatile as we've shown here - walls, floors, inside and outside.

Artisan Salt - Concrete effect

Artisan comprises 7 shades with a focus on the mixture of terracotta and concrete to deliver a modern porcelain collection full of rich earthy tones. The clever thing here is the collection specifically revisits the traditional style of warm shades and reinterprets them as cooler designs for contemporary contexts. Put the two together and this is an exceptionally well-specified colour palette.

Beat White - Cement effect

Last but by no means least is Beat White. We called it beat for three reasons.

One, because as cement effect porcelains go it's hard to beat for realism - the surfacing is bespattered with salts and the appearance of flaking to give it authentic shade variation.

Secondly, these large white floor tiles are hard to beat for versatility. The Soft finish 600 x 600 mm tile can be used throughout the home on walls and floors, the 900 x 900mm in Antislip can be used outside and the 900 x 900, 1000 x 1000 and 1200 x 600mm are both in Contour finish giving an ultra-real cement feel.

Thirdly, this is a tile that really has the feel of the city - in a beat the streets kind of way. We love it.

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