Designing with the latest bathroom tiles

Designing with the latest bathroom tiles

From the latest designer ceramic wall tiles, to how the latest tile technology is enabling porcelain and ceramics to mimic other materials in ground-breaking ways - here's our advice on designing with our latest bathroom tiles and why mixing porcelains and ceramics is a clever way to save cost too.

The latest designer ceramic wall tiles

Our latest designer ceramic wall tiles are in super large formats, 1000 x 333mm and 900 x 320mm and designed to co-ordinate with their porcelain collections of the same name.

Not only do they look stunning, because most of our ceramic tiles have a co-ordinating porcelain tile, they make it easy to create a truly harmonised bathroom design.

Take our Beat collection. Beat includes Porcelain options for floors and walls or you can opt for Porcelain for the floor and ceramic tiles for the walls. Our designer ceramic wall tile options are in beautiful textured finishes and lovely large formats that make creating a stunning feature wall super easy. The option of a plain ceramic wall tile also means you can mix it up on walls.

Unique tile designs

The latest tile technology means great quality porcelains and ceramics are imitating other materials such as cement, concrete, marbles and woods, with incredible precision. With design, pattern and texture carefully aligned in the production process, the latest tiles deliver unique tile designs that are ultra-realistic, capturing not only the beauty but the natural imperfections of these materials too.

Expert imitation without the limitation

With 7 shades, 36 individual plank designs and a lovely 1510x240mm large format our Season wood effect porcelains are in a league of their own. The clever surface texture brilliantly imitates the knots and grains of the real thing - and with none of the limitations.

View Season

Mixing it up with Porcelain & Ceramic

Porcelain as a material is very dense. Fired at very high temperatures it is extremely hardwearing so perfect for floors - and walls too. Ceramics are also hardwearing, however, being a little softer in composition, they are easier to cut.

For bathrooms in particular mixing Porcelain on floors with Ceramics on walls is a brilliantly clever way to introduce a hardwearing product to floors along with an easier to cut, lighter and therefore easier to install product for walls. Ceramics also tend to be a little more cost effective to buy. Unlike a larger living area wall for example, bathroom walls can - but not always - require more cuts as areas can be a little trickier.

The TilePortfolio specialise in Italian and Spanish Porcelain and Ceramic tiles, in particular large format Porcelains and Porcelain tiles for inside and outside. Our carefully curated, stunning tile portfolios are beautifully presented online and supported by our fuss-free ‘go-the -extra-tile’ service and video design consultancy. Visit our website for unmissable interiors inspiration. The TilePortfolio team are always available to chat, we’d be delighted to help with your project so please do get in touch.