How to choose tiles for a living room

How to choose tiles for your living space - starting with living room 60 x 60 tiles

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Whether the lounge is in need of a lift, the hallway's ready for a new vibe or that open plan space is due an upgrade what you put on the walls and floors of your living space will have a big part to play in your design.

It's a given that tiles are a wise choice for the kitchen and bathroom, but porcelain also ticks the boxes for flooring in the living areas of your home. Whether it's that cosy snug, family room or office, this is a product that is easy to live with, will stand the test of time and in designs to set the heart racing.

We've got sizes starting with living room 60 x 60 tiles all the way up to larger formats in 120 x 120cm.

Living room 60 x 60 tiles

600 x 600mm is a great size for those seeking a tile that is not too big - so compact, yet large enough that grout lines are not everywhere. We love this format because it is easy to handle from an install point of view, tends to be more cost effective than larger formats and with rectified edges means grout lines are at a minimum of just 3mm.

All porcelains are exceptionally hardwearing, scratch and stain resistant so, as long as your 60 x 60 tiles have been correctly installed, your porcelain floor should firmly stand the test of time and look great for years to come.

For hallways porcelain is ideal, especially where muddy shoes, paw prints etc are highly likely. For living areas it's a dream of a material. A quick sweep and mop is all the care and attention it usually needs and it is super easy to live with because unlike carpet there is nowhere for dust to hide.

Larger formats

If you're heart is racing at the thought of that beautiful cream extra large 1200mm x 1200mm tile but you're worried it will look and feel cold, think again. Porcelain works perfectly with underfloor heating so even the most spacious of spaces won't leave you feeling cold. Correct installation of underfloor heating is a must as is following instructions when first turning it on and ongoing use, so seek professional advice, but there's no reason you can't have that warm cosy feeling all year round, no matter how cool your space looks.


Walls, floors, in and out with 90 x 90cm

Porcelain can be used on floors and walls and in the right slip ratings can also be used outside. So with the latest trends for inside outside living and that seamless transition from home to garden on the rise, Porcelain is the perfect pick if you are looking to blur the boundaries from indoors to out. These 90 x 90cm tiles are perfect for creating that seamless feel - the lovely large format and rectified edges make for gorgeous spaces.

Making an entrance

Let's make an entrance with this gorgeous marble effect porcelain. We love it. But with the British climate prone to the odd downpour, ensuring you have adequate matting to wipe wet feet on is important. The more polished a tile is the more slippery it will be underfoot when water is present. However, the good news is that tiles are also in matt finishes and they are also super easy to keep clean so even if there are a few muddy footprints, they'll be gone in a quick mop.

Open plan spaces

Running the same flooring across an open plan area enhances that feeling of continuity and helps cement the concept of open plan.

Porcelain paves the way - from kitchen to dining, lounge to study space - it will work as hard as you need it to area by area. It copes competently with the splashes and spills of every day cooking, can be dressed up with rugs and soft furnishings for lounging spaces and office desks and chairs are no contest for it's superior scratch resistance. It's just the perfect all-round material.

Broken plan spaces

With our homes evolving at pace to support our changing lifestyles, recent events have highlighted the need to create cosy corners, workspaces and more privacy.

Welcome to broken plan living. This is about having the best of both worlds. Keeping the big open plan space you love, whilst cleverly creating zones for personal hubs and more - and flooring plays a key role. It can be used to define an area, signalling a transition from one space to another.

Forge Blue Mottle super size slabs to back wall in 2780 x 1195mm and in 1200 x 1200mm along with Artisan Rope 1200 x 1200mm. to floor

The Lounge

You really can't go far wrong with wood - from a design perspective it is so versatile. It's hats off to technology that wood effect porcelains are about as close to the real thing in design and finish you can get. Our Season collection is in Contour finish - designed to enhance the naturalness of each and every one of the 36 individual plank designs per colour in the collection, for an ultra realistic look. Add underfloor heating and it's hard to see why, if you want wood, you wouldn't pick porcelain.

These are large format porcelain wood effect planks in 1510 x 240mm.

The office

Wood effect tiles are not just limited to planks. There are all kinds of designs that are packed full of the charm and character of the real thing - and an ideal canvas for that office space. These 900 x 900mm wood effect porcelains are ideal for that open plan living space and office area.

The studio

If your lucky enough to have a space for recreation, be it games room, studio or basement, porcelain is super practical. Easy to clean up spills, super hardwearing and in beautiful designs. These 60 x 60 tiles from our Tone collection are designed to echo real concrete - and they do it amazingly well!

The snug

Porcelain is considered one of the leading materials for innovation and practicality. It's so versatile, it's unalterable and brings texture and tone to design. For spaces with a laid back vibe it's hard to beat cement and concrete effects. If you prefer rectangular tiles to square then opting for a larger 1200 x 600mm tile can work a treat.

The family room

Now that's nice ... sooo warm and inviting. This is relaxed, modern living and we like it. Those living room tiles that are just waiting to be walked on.

Artisan Rope 1200 x 600 x 9mm in Matt finish to inside and 600 x 600 x 20mm slabs to outside with Artisan Brick to exterior

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