Metallic tiles and verdigris porcelain tiles – a buying guide

The hues are unmistakable. Whatever you want to call this tile, from Verde to Verdigris, this is Italian porcelain tile design at it's best.

We call it Forge Mint and it is a porcelain tile that cleverly replicates the look of metallic surfaces - showcasing the blue green patina formed on copper through oxidation. It is a tile design that works across the home from walls to floors, inside and outside and we love it.

What's more this tile is in a range of sizes and in 9mm thickness for inside and 2cm thickness for outside.

Verdigris porcelain is both captivating and contemporary and part of our Forge porcelain collection of metallic tiles that explore the beauty of metal and the wonderful colours and hues developed though oxidisation. We take a look in detail at this incredible tile the star of our Forge collection. It really does deserve a blog all of it's own.

1. Verdigris Porcelain - Feature wall

This is an incredibly versatile porcelain tile that makes an incredible feature wall. From cottage kitchen, contemporary bathroom, garden office space, commercial interior. This is a tile that is so versatile, it really can work in both modern and older spaces.

2. Verdigris porcelain - Floor tile

Because this is a tile that features hues ranging from green to bronze and shades in between it works brilliantly well with so many colours and materials. It pairs beautifully with other metals as well as woods light and dark. It works with creams, whites, warmer tones though to black - you really can pair this incredibly versatile tile with so much!

Add into the mix natural materials like bamboo, hessian and terracotta, and you really will see this wonderful tile come to life.

3. Verdigris porcelain wall tile

The beauty of this tile is the range of sizes. From large format 1200 x 1200mm to 600 x 300mm and lots in between.

4. Verdigris porcelain outside

In 2cm with antislip finish verdigris porcelain can also be used outside.

5. Metallic tiles

Verdigris porcelain is one of our metallic tiles and part of our Forge collection. These are daringly designed and range from the simplicity of platinum white to the blue -black tones of Blue Mottle.

Or check out our Patina collection and the beautiful Blue Rust. In amazing 1000 x 500mm and 1000 x 1000mm formats these are stunning metallic effect tiles in a beautiful finish.

Want to know more about verdigris porcelain tiles? Click on the links below the images to find out more about our collections. You can order samples via our website or get in touch with us. We'd be delighted to help with your project.

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