Metallic floor tiles

Metallic floor tiles


Dare to be different with the most deliciously dark decor! We love a darkly designed space and this stunning kitchen featuring our Patina Blue Rust tiles is no exception. This is one of our favourite tiles. It’s one of our favourite metallic floor tiles. The stunning design is in our Contour finish which gives these tiles a unique finish that ensures they catch the light. These metallic kitchen tiles bring a cool industrial feel to spaces whilst at the same time the beautifully balanced design includes gorgeous rust tones that add a touch of warmth too. We explore more about metallic floor tiles and metallic kitchen tiles in this blog so read on!

Metallic kitchen tiles

When it comes to interiors, your floor deserves as much attention as any other surface in your kitchen or living space. Picking a tile for your kitchen for instance will likely be decided based on a number of factors one of which will of course be your choice of cabinetry and worksurfaces as well as the overall theme you are looking to create. So if your aim is dark and moody then a metallic kitchen tile is a brilliant option. Whilst a charcoal or black tile will also create that industrial feel, opting for a metallic tile is a great idea because the surface finish will be much more effective at diffusing light.  

Patina is a tile that is at the forefront of tile technology. The surface is designed specifically to showcase the tiny pits and dents on the tile surface which in turn echo real metal to brilliant effect. The tile finish allows for ambient lighting to play beautifully across the tile surface as shown below – whether these tiles are on the wall or floor. Strip lighting in cabinets can also be used to great effect. 


Patina Blue Rust metallic floor tiles and metallic wall tiles

Metallic kitchen tiles in Corten

The same goes for our Patina Corten. This brilliantly designed tile brings vibrancy to spaces and again, plays beautifully with light across the tile surface. It’s easy to create an ultra inviting space with these tones and again, whilst this plays into industrial design it doesn’t feel cold because of the warm copper tones. Patina Corten is equally at home on the wall as it is on the floor and in a stunning large 1m x 1m format creates an amazing backdrop to rooms. This is a tile that is ideal for both smaller snug spaces as well as larger open plan areas. 

Patina Corten metallic floor tiles

Patina Corten metallic wall tiles and metallic floor tiles

Metallic floor tiles- go green!

Metallic floor tiles don’t have to be all dark and moody. These stunning verdigris tiles are an amazing addition to any space whether you want to create a feature wall or take this tile across your whole floor. In three sizes 600 x 300mm, 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 1200mm this is a tile that will stand the test of time – purely because it is echoing a material that has stood the test of time – copper verdigris. The variation of pattern in these tiles is stunning and that creates a totally unique feel to spaces. 

Whether you are looking for metallic floor tiles or metallic floor tiles, metallic kitchen tiles or metallic bathroom tiles, Forge Mint will undoubtedly create that wow factor. 


Forge Mint metallic tiles

As with any good quality tile, you are not restricted to a small number of pattern repeats. All our metallic kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles are designed to bring ultra realism and that means that with several different patterns per collection it is easy. These are tiles that are of the highest quality and that means incredible attention to detail in their design. 


Forge Mint

Easy to live with and easy maintenance

One great advantage of porcelain tiles is easy maintenance. A simple wipe down with warm water and a cloth is all that is usually needed – our Patina and Forge tiles are in finishes that are so easy to look after.


Patina Blue Rust metallic kitchen tiles

Want to know more about our metallic floor tiles and metallic kitchen tiles? Click any of the links under the tiles and you will head straight to our website. You can order samples from there and you can also check out some of our customer projects featuring all the above tiles in our case studies section. Just click the word case studies!

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