New terrazzo porcelain tile collection

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Introducing Mix, our brand new terrazzo porcelain tile collection. These beautiful micro terrazzo porcelain tiles are fresh and fun and an easy way to introduce a sprinkling of colour to any space. The whole collection of 5 colours are designed to work effortlessly together so you can be as daring as you like! Use colour everywhere or mix and match the stunning blue terrazzo and green terrazzo tiles with contemporary white, sand, grey or silver.

The story behind terrazzo

Terrazzo can trace it’s roots to the beautiful city of Venice, Italy and began it’s story around 500 years ago. Venetian artisans mixed together the broken chips from marble, quartz, glass, granite and other materials and bound them in cement. Once cured, the material was ground and polished smooth to create the stunning surfaces we are all familiar with. 

What we love about this collection is the sophisticated design and understated character. This is a terrazzo design with class and uses the latest technology to create a beautifully realistic tile collection. 

A modern take on terrazzo

Mix cleverly echoes terrazzo using the latest cutting edge technology to develop a terrazzo porcelain tile collection that is brilliantly realistic. Using a digitally created relief texture that matches the printed design, not only do the tiles imitate the real thing beautifully, the surface of the tile feels wonderfully tactile with little jewels of colour. 

We call this our Contour finish where pattern, texture and design align. 


Green & Blue Terrazzo

If you are looking for colour, terrazzo is a brilliant way of adding a dash of vibrancy to your room design. Our Mix collection features a wonderful blue terrazzo and green terrazzo option alongside the gorgeous muted tones of white, sand, silver and grey. The lovely large tile format of 900 x 900mm means minimal grout lines to walls and floors. 

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Where can I use terrazzo tiles?

This is a tile collection that is equally at home in the kitchen, bathroom, office, hallway, bedroom or lounge. The clever understated design means they work perfectly whether you are looking for a tile for a kitchen that brings a pop of colour or want to create a statement wall that says wow, these tiles do it all.  

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Small details that make a big impact

Mix is described as a micro terrazzo. That is because it has been designed with little jewels of colour that are minimal in size and overall make a bit impact. All that makes this a tile collection that is perfect for relaxed modern living. These are tiles with style and in a class of their own! Want to know more about terrazzo porcelain tile options? click the links above or visit us to see the collection! 


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