Paws for thought – pet friendly flooring


Paws for thought - pet friendly flooring

The best flooring for pets

Let us introduce Otto, the TilePortfolio’s 3-year-old mini wire-haired dachshund. Our much-loved, much-adored family pooch has zero regard for wiping those muddy paws on entry to our newly cleaned kitchen or spilling the contents of his pet bowls onto the floor in his speed to feed!

Naturally, one look from those beautiful big brown eyes and all is forgiven but as every dog owner knows keeping those floors paw-print free when cohabiting with our furry friends can be tricky. Fortunately, there are pet friendly flooring options when it comes to tiles.

Porcelain leads the pack

Of all the flooring materials out there, Porcelain leads the pack when it comes to dog-friendliness and cleanliness. And we're not just saying that. It really does have a stack of positive points going for it! In fact it will take pretty much anything life throws at it.

It is highly scratch resistant

Made from a mixture of white clay, sand and feldspar and fired at very high temperatures, Porcelain is super dense and hardwearing. That means it is highly scratch resistant so there are none of the unslightly marks you may find in softer flooring materials, for example some woods. Claws are no contest, and neither are things like food bowls being moved across the tile surface by hungry hounds.

It's brilliantly stain resistant

When it comes to stain resistance, Porcelain is up there. From puppy training to the odd accident, it is super easy to clean and there is no risk of your pup leaving a lasting mark like there may be on carpet.

Clever finishes for better grip

Smoother flooring surfaces such as laminate provide little grip underfoot, so pets may slip and slide as their little paws are not designed to deal with the limited traction. Fortunately, porcelains have different finishes. Polished or Satin finishes will be slippy so opting for something with a Matt surface can help.

Some of The TilePortfolio collections include an Antislip Soft finish. This is a really clever surface texture that combines a soft finish with antislip technology. We call them All-in-one tiles and they can be used across the home - inside and out. They have a lovely surface feel with a little extra grip yet are still super easy to clean.

Fantastic designs to minimise paw prints

Porcelain is a material that when done well, expertly mimics everything from metal, concrete, cement, stone, marble and more. Some designs are better than others at minimising obvious paw prints and reducing cleaning.

Opting for tiles with more movement in their design generally work better than plainer tiles so porcelains with dappling or mottling to their design can be ideal. Colours that sit in the middle of an overall colour palette are a great shout. That way you are avoiding the very lightest and darkest colours that tend to show dirt more easily.

Underfloor heating to keep paws warm

Your pooch’s paws can keep that cosy warm feeling all year round. Unlike many materials like laminate and wood, Porcelain work perfectly well with underfloor heating as pet friendly flooring.

Larger formats - more tile, less grout

Large format tiles are designed to make a statement. They wow. And the larger the format, the less grout. Take a 900 x 900mm or 1200 x 600mm tile with rectified ie straight edges. The gap between tiles can be absolutely minimal – a recommended 3mm. That makes for less grout all over and easier cleaning.

There is the added bonus of being able to choose a grout colour that is also less likely to show dirt. Plus, there are products available that seal the grout for some additional protection from stains.

Of course, every dog is different so we'd always recommend ordering samples and testing out product to be as certain as you can be you are picking the best pet friendly flooring for you.

ttp samples mockup

If you need a helping hand before making your all-important tile purchase, get in touch, we'd love to help!

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