Seeking a porcelain tile that looks like carrara marble?

If you are seeking a porcelain tile that looks like carrara marble then look no further. Our Spanish porcelain tile collection features a selection of stunning marble effect tiles for the walls and floors throughout your home.

Cararra marble famed for it's beauty and high quality has created a sense of luxury in homes and buildings across the world for centuries. It's classic, pure white surfacing, spun with grey and gold veins is a staple of the interior design world - timeless simple and beautifully elegant.

The benefit of a porcelain tile that looks like carrara marble

Porcelain brings the best of both worlds. The beauty and subtlety of marble combined with the longevity you would expect from a high-quality porcelain. Whereas marble is uniquely soft and therefore prone to scratching and wearing, porcelain is a hardwearing material making it the perfect choice for home interiors.

Cararra gold marble tile

As well as the timeless beauty of carrara with light grey veining, a carrara gold marble effect tile can add a warmth to spaces. With the same beautiful, white background, this time gold veining weaves it way across the surface.

This beautiful design works brilliantly with warmer wood tones and concrete effect porcelain tiles. Or simply use these stunning tiles on their own.

Porcelain can have different finishes, from Matt to Polished - our Natural finish porcelain Cararra gold marble tile has a subtle, silky finish to the surface that gently diffuses light making it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, dining spaces and more.

Carerra Oro
Carrara gold marble tile


There are no two ways about it, Porcelain is a brilliantly hardwearing product. Unlike real marble which is prone to scratching and marking, porcelain will take the daily beat of feet in its stride. That's because Porcelain is made from a mix of clays and minerals that produce a brilliantly hardwearing product. If you really don't want to have to worry about looking after your porcelain tiles then Matt or Natural finishes are best.

The polished option is equally stunning - however, it is worth just bearing in mind that whilst porcelain is super easy to clean and maintain, polished tiles can require a little more TLC particularly on floors and in entrance areas where dirt and stones on shoes could dull the polish over time.

Tile finish

Finish can transform a tile and a room. And it is important to consider how light will play across surfaces. Polished tiles will reflect more light and can feel cooler whereas Matt finishes may diffuse light differently or even absorb light but give a warmer feel.

The tiles and finish you choose will form part of the overall feel of a room and as walls and floors make up most of a room's surface area, opting for the best finish for your project is key.

Daily use of floor tiles and the finish you choose is also important. Polished finishes tend to have better grip in bare feet, however, with shoes on and a water spillage they can be slippery underfoot. So there are a few considerations.

It can be a good idea to arrange a larger sample of a tile to check out before you purchase. Either a whole tile or a larger cut piece can help in decisions.

No need to seal

There is absolutely no need to seal porcelain, whereas marble does require sealing and regular ongoing maintenance. Porcelain once installed, and as long as it is installed correctly, just needs a quick mop with warm water. Porcelain really is install and go.

Superior Stain Resistance

Another key benefit of Porcelain is its superior stain resistance. Because porcelain has a porosity level of less than 0.5% it won't absorb liquids so is highly stain resistant.

We would always recommend you mop up spills quickly, but unlike Marble which is exceptionally porous and will mark quickly, red wine is no contest for Porcelain.

Good news as our Carraras feature that beautiful soft white background with the lightest of grey and nutmeg veins across the surface.

Incredibly realistic finishes

Tile technology means the latest tiles are echoing the appearance of other materials with incredible realism.

These are luxury porcelain marble effect tiles where imitation has none of the limitations of the real thing!

You really could be mistaken for thinking this is real marble. And the really great thing here is the option of Porcelain tiles in beautiful large 1510 x 750mm formats as well as smaller options.

These large format tiles mean absolutely minimal grout lines. These tiles feature rectified edges and that means grout lines are as minimal as 2 or 3mm.

a porcelain tile that looks like carrara marble
Carrara large format porcelain tile

So if you are looking for a porcelain tile that looks like carrara marble or a carrara gold marble tile, look no further. Check out our Utopia porcleain collecton of marble effect tiles. They are simply stunning, in a great selection of sizes and formats and perfect for the walls and floors across your home.

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