Designing with porcelain tiles that look like marble

Designing with porcelain tiles that look like marble

Mesmerising marble

Love marble but concerned about the the cost? Looking for an alternative that is not only cost effective but is also a synch to look after? Then look no further than porcelain tiles that look like marble. These are designs that echo everything from the imposing black veining of a Statuario to the drama of Marquina and more. Plus there are a whole heap of benefits to choosing porcelain over the real thing.

Real marble is one of the most delicate materials you can work with. It is beautifully soft and tactile, but that also makes it prone to scratching and it really does need lots of loving care to keep it in tip-top condition. Sealing is a pre-requisite - and isn't a one off event - and spillages need to be wiped up in a flash to avoid staining. All well and good if don't mind the cost and time involved.

Porcelain on the other hand is highly scratch resistant, doesn't need sealing, is far easier to handle and install, is highly resistant to stains and can be a fraction of the cost. Add to that great design with quality porcelains expertly mimicking the real thing, and it can be a challenge to tell these two materials apart. So, if you love marble, but are having second thoughts about the genuine article, then Porcelain is your go-to. We look at exactly why.

Marquina oro

Marquina Oro

1. So many designs

Great quality porcelains like The TilePortfolio Belleza and Utopia collections are not only beautiful quality, these are porcelain tiles that look like marble with a raft of designs - so you get a random selection of marbling across each collection. That means tiles that feel as close to real thing as you can get. Gone are the days of one or two patterns per tile.

2. So many finishes - Polished, Matt and more

When we think marble we generally think Polished, however, Natural and Matt finishes can completely transform the same tile, making marble effect porcelains brilliantly versatile and suited to contemporary and traditional spaces alike.

Where polished surfaces reflect more light and tend to represent coolness, natural surfaces absorb and gently diffuse light and can make spaces feel warmer. Using a mix of the two with marble porcelains can work brilliantly.

Add to that some of the latest developments in tile technology and finishes like our Contour finish now align design and veining with incredible precision making these tiles really feel like real marble with a leather finish.

Regardless of finish, porcelain tiles that look like marble don't need any preparation, sealing and need little on-going maintenance.

3. Super hardwearing, stain resistant and needs little maintenance

Porcelain is very hardwearing and particularly matt finishes. It won't wear in the sense that marble will wear because porcelain is a much harder material. It is worth giving a little more consideration to polished porcelains for floors - only because the surface can dull slightly over time so if using it in an entrance hall, for example, you may want to ensure that shoes are removed at the door to avoid stones or dirt being dragged across the surface. But all our polished porcelain tiles are pre-sealed at the factory so there is no need to seal or do anything else.

Porcelain, unlike Marble is also highly stain resistant. Whilst it is wise to clear up spills quickly, because porcelain has such a low level of porosity, it is difficult to stain.

All these attributes, mean porcelain also requires little on-going maintenance. A quick mop with a bucket and water will usually do the trick.

4. Size of tiles

Just as developments in technology have enabled porcelain to echo natural materials with ever greater precision, it has also enabled formats to steadily increase. Larger tiles are becoming the go-to for interiors for those seeking 'more tile, less grout'.

800 x 800mm, 1200 x 600mm, 1200 x 1200mm and similar sizes are becoming the staples of design and the ability to go even larger gives the opportunity to create truly amazing spaces.

For more information on porcelain tiles that look like marble, larger formats or super size slabs check out our Guides and Inspiration Hub or call us, we'd be delighted to help!

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