So Chic, our latest limestone porcelain floor tile collection

So Chic, our latest limestone porcelain floor tile collection

Chic Silver limestone look porcelaint tile

Looking for a limestone porcelain floor tile that’s superbly stylish, understated and beautifully designed? Look no further than Chic, our limestone effect floor tiles and wall tiles and the latest addition to our tile portfolios. 

Natural limestone is formed from sedimentary deposits over millions of years and unique patterns, hues and fossilisation are all part of this stones unique character and charm. From contemporary new build to traditional farmhouse, this is a material that graces the floors and walls of homes across the UK. Limestone is naturally a soft material and for all its rustic charm it does require an initial sealing and some ongoing maintenance. It is prone to wear and tear and scratching and again, whilst that can add to it’s charm it can be a little high maintenance. 

So if all that sounds like a bit of a chore and it’s low maintenance you are looking for then porcelain is the perfect choice. Porcelain is a material that doesn’t need very much maintenance at all. That’s because porcelain, unlike natural stone, does not require any sealing  and is very hard as a material. That makes it super hardwearing and a material that will take the thrills and spills of life in its stride. It is highly stain and scratch resistant and very easy to clean – a quick mop and warm water usually does the trick. It’s also perfect for pets!

Chic, our new limestone porcelain floor tile collection joins Abode our already successful limestone effect floor tile collection and expands our offer of these gorgeous tiles. 

The clever colour palette of Chic brings a beautifully warm and soft colour spectrum, so even the cooler tones of white and silver feature a hint of warmer tones. 

A contemporary limestone

Chic tiles are rectified and in 2 larger formats – 900 x 900mm and 1200 x 600mm. That means the edges of tiles are straight and therefore grout joints can be as slim as 3mm for floors. So this is a limestone porcelain floor tile collection that perfectly blends the old with the new. Traditional limestone tiles have a more tumbled edge and generally grout lines are thicker. Chic gives you the best of both worlds, emulating a traditional material with a contemporary edge. That also means this is a limestone porcelain floor tile that works in all settings. And in all spaces! From kitchen to dining area, across open plan spaces, bedroom to bathroom and more, Chic is at home. 

limestone porcelain floor tile chic sand

Chic’s rectified edges make this a tile that works in both old and new settings

Limestone effect floor tiles in the kitchen

Of course, porcelain is perfect in the kitchen and Chic makes for a beautifully stylish canvas for these busy spaces. This is a tile collection that is in a Soft Antislip finish and that means tiles have a little more grip but are still super easy to clean – so from entrance to hallway, hallway to lounge, lounge to dining and kitchen, Chic can work across entire ground floors. 

Whatever colour your cabinetry, the spectrum of colours in the Chic collectionof White, Silver, Taupe and Sand work stunningly with everything from blues, greens, whites, charcoals, woods and more. And this simple and stylish tile collection allows other colours and accessories to sing. 


Chic limestone look porcelain tile silver kitchen

Chiclarge format limestone effect floor tiles in Silver

Chic Silver limestone look porcelaint tile

Chic large format tiles

Limestone in the bathroom

Chic is a brilliant option too for bathrooms. Clean lines, simple design and a beautifully tactile surface make this tile collection perfect for creating that spa at home feeling. It’s also worth considering using exactly the same tile on the floor and wall as this can beautifully tie a bathroom space together and allows you to run the grout lines from the floor and up to the walls for the cleanest of lines. 

Opting for a very simple limestone effect tile can work exceptionally well if you are looking for understated chic. And a 900 x 900mm larger format tile with minimal grout lines can really elevate a space. Opting for a rectified tile also brings a totally uncluttered feel to a space. 


Chic white limestone look porcelain tile bathroom

Chic in white

Warmer tones

If it’s warmer tones and design you are seeking then opting for Chic in either Taupe or Sand will enhance your design. Chic works a treat as a canvas tile and can therefore be paired easily with a feature tile. If you are looking for a feature, we’d suggest pairing this stunning tile collection with our Season Caramel wood effect wall tiles for a wonderfully warm design. 

Chic taupe limestone look porcelain tile

Chic in Sand and Taupe is perfect for creating that spa at home feel


Season Caramel large format slatted wall tiles

Mix it up

Tonally, Chic’s clever colour palette is designed to co-ordinate so it is easy to mix the colours to stunning effect, think Silver to floors and Taupe to walls or Taupe for floor and White for walls – you can effortlessly mix it up. And this whole collection pairs to perfection with our wood effect tiles. Take our Serenity collection – a wonderfully warm toned wood effect tile collection and think wood for the floor and Chic for the walls. 

And if you need a little help choosing, don’t forget to get in touch with us! We know our tiles inside out so are always happy to help with ideas!

Chic limestone look porcelain tile sand detail

Chic works beautifully with our wood tile collection Serenity 

You can order samples of the new Chic limestone effect floor tiles via our website from the beginning of May or otherwise just give us a call if you like what we see and we can arrange to send out to you!

Chic limestone look porcelain tile white

You can order samples of Chic from the beginning of May via our website

Want to know more about our limestone porcelain floor tile collection, Chic? Hop onto our website and explore!

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