Ethos Sand Stone Look Porcelain Tile

The benefits of choosing a large floor tile for your project

A large floor tile can not only transform a room or space, it can add value to your property and create the canvas upon which your dream room comes to life. The large tile has become the go-to for homeowners, interior designers and architects alike with ground floor open plan spaces as well as smaller rooms and bathrooms benefiting from this tile format. 


With tile sizes continuing to grow larger, 800 x 800, 900 x 900, 1m x 1m and 1.2m x 1.2m square formats are fast becoming the tiles of choice. Add to that larger rectangular tiles including 1200 x 600mm and 1510 x 750mm sizes and there are so many options to choose from.  So why would you choose to “go large”? We explore some of the benefits of opting for a large floor tile for your project. 

Ethos Sand Stone Look Porcelain Tile

 Ethos Sand large floor tile available in 1200 x 1200mm format

A large floor tile can make a room feel larger

A large tile adds to a feeling of spaciousness by simply making a room feel larger. Because grout lines are at a minimum there are less lines breaking up the floor space and that creates an illusion of continuity. 


This is especially so if you are opting for a rectified tile. Rectified edges simply means straight edges. These precision edges mean your grout joint is a slim 3mm so with minimal grout lines these lovely large format tiles will open up space like never before. 


Add to that a grout colour that blends seamlessly with your tile tone and you really can enhance that feeling of making your room feel larger – and potentially calmer. 


Stride Element Porcelain Large Floor Tile

 Stride Element 1200 x 1200mm large floor tile with rectified edges can make a room feel larger

A large tile can add to a contemporary design

If it’s contemporary design you are seeking then a large tile is the go-to choice for flooring. You will already be aware that tiles come in a wonderful variety of designs echoing everything from cements, concretes, woods, marbles, metals and more. Any of these styles in a large floor tile are perfect for spaces demanding a contemporary feel.


Think loft conversion and large open plan ground floors, but also consider smaller spaces and in particular bathrooms. Specifying a large floor tile in a bathroom and potentially continuing that large format onto walls will not only make your bathroom feel larger it will bring a contemporary design feel to your room. 


Tone Wall Chalk Floor Sepia 60x120 CUCINA scaled e1683296382845 785x1024 1

Tone large format 1200 x 600mm concrete effect porcelain tiles

A large floor tile can add value to your property

A high quality, large floor tile can add value to your property.  Minimal grout lines, Italian or Spanish styling and superb quality are all attractive to potential buyers – in particular concretes and cements in subtle tones make a superb canvas for any home. And this isn’t jut about aesthetics – this is also about ease of cleaning, durability, longevity and practicality. 

BEAT BEIGE PORCELAIN 1000X1000 TILE compressed

Beat Beige 900 x 900mm tiles – a large format tile can enhance your property value

A large floor tile and durability

Porcelain is such a great material. We are slightly biased of course, but we just love the blend of high design and high functionality that porcelain brings. It’s a material that has stood the test of time and tile technology is continually pushing the boundaries of tile finishes with more choice than ever before. Gone are the days of just matt and polished, tiles now have a huge variety of clever finishes with antislip properties that are easy to clean and soft and silk finishes that add a luxurious feel to spaces. 



But it is the durability of porcelain that makes this material the go-to for busy homes. This is a material that will withstand the thrills and spills of every day life with ease. A large floor tile in porcelain will cope with a fair amount of footfall so is perfect for the hustle and bustle of family life. Stain and scratch resistance as well as ease of cleaning make this material a top choice for homeowners.

Chic limestone look porcelain tile silver kitchen

Chic floor tiles are perfect for busy homes

A large floor tile and ease of cleaning

A large floor tile in porcelain, in fact any porcelain tile is a cinch to keep clean. After installation, a final or end of work cleaning regime should be carried out by the installer. This is essential as it removes all the excess grout and organic dirt that has built up over the installation process. This leaves your tiles free of residues and ongoing maintenance is easy. A mop and warm water is all that is needed. A large tile has less grout lines than smaller tiles making them even easier to maintain.  

Beat Grey Kitchen 1

Beat Grey 1m x 1m large tiles are super easy to keep clean

A large floor tile and small bathrooms - can they work?

Bathrooms can be tricky spaces to design. You may choose to only use tiles purely for functional reasons ie where water is present or you may prefer to use tiles to create the wow factor with a stunning feature wall. Do you tile floor to ceiling? Half height? There are lots of decisions. 


You may think for a smaller space it is better to opt for a smaller tile and in some cases that may be the right choice. However, it is worth considering that a large tile can really make that small bathroom space actually feel larger. With fewer grout lines a large floor tile will enhance a feeling of spaciousness and if you opt to then continue that tile onto the walls then the simplicity of design can help with that feeling too!

4 100X100 Abode GREY 100x260 Abode GREY 100x260 Abode SILVER

Abode Grey 1m x 1m large floor tiles

A large floor tile can not only add value to your property, these beautiful formats will enhance your design adding a feel of space and with porcelain such a brilliant material you will find your floor easy to clean, scratch and stain resistant too. So if you are looking for large tiles then check out our large format tile portfolio on our website or click any of the links under the images above and if you need any help then get in touch! 

The TilePortfolio specialise in Italian and Spanish Porcelain and Ceramic tiles, in particular large format Porcelains and Porcelain tiles for inside and outside. Our carefully curated, stunning tile portfolios are beautifully presented online and supported by our fuss-free ‘go-the-extra-tile’ service. In addition, you can view our entire tile collection at our Northamptonshire Showroom.  Visit our website for unmissable interiors inspiration. The TilePortfolio team are always available to chat, we’d be delighted to help with your project so please do get in touch. 

Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiler for your project. Installation requirements may vary depending on the tiles you choose, the fixing products used and the specific conditions. Always check with your tiler regards the suitability of the tiles. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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