The latest indoor outdoor floor tiles

The latest indoor outdoor floor tiles

We take a look at the latest indoor outdoor floor tiles and why porcelain is the perfect pick for linking home and garden.

We explore the latest 2cm porcelain slab trends and styles and how creating an indoor space, outside, is easy with the right products.

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As trends go, porcelain indoor outdoor floor tiles are the top pick for creating that seamless flow from inside to out.

Porcelain is probably one of the most hardwearing materials you can choose and one of the few materials that can work both inside and outside the home giving a consistency and flow across thresholds that isn't always achievable with other materials.

It is super hardwearing, scratch and stain resistant, can be used on walls and floors and inside with underfloor heating. In the right slip ratings it can be used outside too where it is fade and frost resistant. It also doesn't allow moss or mould to take root on the surface.

Porcelain is resistant to frost, fading and mould takin root on the surface.

The latest indoor outdoor floor tiles

2cm thick porcelains are the perfect solution for outdoor settings and picking a tile with a co-ordinating indoor tile makes creating seamless continuity across thresholds easy.

Our latest 2cm tiles are in new 800 x 800mm size. The larger the tile, the less grout lines overall, and as 2cm slabs are heavy, going super large and opting for a 1200 x 1200mm slab involves lots of heavy lifting.

Whilst these wonderful tiles are simply stunning, because of their size they can also be expensive especially great quality Italian porcelains. We have to say though, if you can stretch to it, they are so worth it!

On the other hand, a 600 x 600mm or 600 x 300mm tile size may feel too small so opting for an 800 x 800mm tile size can be a great solution. This is a tile size that still feels large format, yet is easier to handle than super large format and is perfect for those seeking a 'more tile, less grout' approach.

The latest designs for indoor outdoor floor tiles

Cement and concretes have proven one of the leading design trends in recent years. These textures adds a certain industrial chic, an urban feel and are the stuff of minimalist design.

In it's rawest form cement and concrete has a rough hewn texture full of beautiful imperfections. Replicating those tonal variations and non-uniform surface takes a certain technology that can expertly define the worn areas and timeless appeal of the real thing.

The surface of these tiles reflect the changes of shade, flaky patches, cracks and spattering of salts of the real thing and this is brought beautifully to life with our Stride porcelain collection.

Superior, straight edged, flush-finished, stunning porcelain

One of the key reasons porcelain is such a great material for outside spaces is all about form. Tiles with rectified edges mean absolutely minimal grout lines of a few mm and that in turn creates an area that has the feel of an indoor room. This is a very different look to your limestone or slate.

This has a crisp architectural feel about it, with clean lines and flush surface finish. Just like an indoor room.

Of course, correct installation is key - see more in our installation section - to achieving that flush finish and ensuring your outdoor space looks amazing in years to come.

Paving the way ...

2cm porcelain is perfect for installing directly onto gravel. Fast, simple and stylish, featured here are our 1200 x 1200mm outdoor 20mm slabs. For more information on installation visit our Installation page or ask us for details.

2cm tile on gravel

1200 x 1200mm 2cm super large format outside tiles

As garden rooms become ever more popular whether they are used as an office, recreational area or bolthole among other things, these are rooms that are smartly designed with contemporary styling and porcelain is once again perfect for paving the way from home to garden room.

Want to know more about the latest indoor outdoor floor tiles? Visit our website or click any of the links in our blog and start exploring. With the very latest Italian 2cm designer porcelains you will find everything you need! You can order samples via our website or get in touch with us. We'd be delighted to help with your project.

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Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiler for your project. Installation requirements may vary depending on the tiles you choose, the fixing products used and the specific conditions. Always check with your tiler regards the suitability of the tiles. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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