A guide to the perfect large grey floor tiles

A guide to the perfect large grey floor tiles

Grey has dominated the design world like no other colour. This staple of design has been with us for more than a decade and reigns supreme. It's more than a trend. It's a phenomenon. And proving it's here to stay, Ultimate Grey has been named the 2021 Pantone colour of the year.

Seeking those perfect large grey floor tiles? Because there are so many greys, we're exploring beautiful mid-greys and there are plenty to choose from!

Swoop Grey - Stone effect

Swoop takes inspiration from the Apuan Alps with a lovely fine-grained surface and a smattering of marble like veins. It's a really lovely blue-grey.

When choosing large grey floor tiles it is worth noting that all grey's have undertones of another colour. So for cooler tones it may be something like green or purple or for warmer grey tones it may be red or yellow. Find the undertone and it will make your design role much easier.

Swoop is in our Antislip Soft finish making it one of our indoor outdoor porcelains and it's in a great range of sizes for walls and floors. It is also in a Satin finish that mimics the feel of worn, aged stone. Plus there are 3 co-ordinating large format ceramic tiles in 1000 x 333mm that are just the ticket for adding a touch of texture to walls.

Docklands Grey - Cement effect

This is a great tile. It's so versatile. It can be used outside as well as inside on walls and floors and it's a great example of a concrete effect tile done well. We love the 900 x 900mm size - it's a great large format. Equally great is the 600 x 600mm sizes - perfect for smaller bathrooms. If you want to add a bit of texture to walls then the co-ordinating ceramics tick all the boxes.

Metro Grey - Cement effect

All three shades of our Metro collection - Silver, Grey and Bone are super usable. Both the Silver and Grey make a brilliant canvas for kitchens and bathrooms. And the great news is there is a matching Antislip tile if you wanted to use this collection outside too.

And don't stop at floors, these tiles make superb wall tiles too.

Beat Grey - Cement Effect

It really is hard to beat this cement effect collection for ultra-realism. The surfacing is bespattered with salts and the appearance of flaking giving it an authentic, worn look with varying shades running across the surface.

What we really love about this is the Contour finish available in the 1200 x 600, 900 x 900 and 1000 x 1000mm sizes. It cleverly defines the more worn areas of the tile and is characteristic of city pavements. The 900 x 900mm is also available in an Antislip finish so it can be used outside and there's a 600 x 600mm option in a Soft finish.

Add three ceramic wall tiles and for bathrooms this is a brilliantly versatile collection that's hard to beat.

Dwell Smoke - Wood Effect

It's impossible to look at large grey floor tiles without including wood effect porcelains. Especially when they are in a lovely large format 1510 x 240mm. Where do we begin? Dwell is just brilliantly versatile. Walls, floors, inside, outside, mix and match.

Whether you are creating a cosy retreat or have acres of space, these large format wood effect planks are ultra-realistic with 39 random patterns to the collection. There are 7 colours in total and because Dwell is in Soft Antislip finish it can be used inside and out.

Smoke in particular pairs fantastically well with our Carrara Argent Natural finish marble effect tiles if you're looking for a great bathroom combination. And if you want to go more gold than silver, try out the Taupe with our Carrara Oro.

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