Tile trends for 2022

We explore the very latest tile trends for 2022 including ground breaking tile finishes where porcelain echoes everything from concrete to wood, marble to metals and more with expert precision. And we look at how designing with extra large floor tiles and wall tiles is becoming the go-to for homeowners.

Extra large floor tile trends for 2022

It's been a tile trend for a while now as tile sizes have got larger and larger. Extra large floor tiles and wall tiles are becoming the go-to for home renovation projects old and new, large and small.

Large or extra large format by definition will vary depending on who you ask, so for the purposes of our blog we would say anything over a 600 x 600mm tile size for large format and extra large format starts to encompass rally big 1200 x 1200 and larger sizes.

Once very much the domain of the commercial arena, these statement making tiles are making it into our homes in strides and definitely the answer for those seeking a 'more tile, less grout' approach.

With limestone effect porcelain one of the new kids on the block, our new Abode limestone porcelain tile collection features large format tiles and they are simply stunning.

The latest manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of size with 1800 x 1000, 1510 x 750mm, 2400 x 1200 and 2700 x 1200mm sheet sizes growing in stature. There are considerations around 'going large' not least with handling and installation but if design and installation allows, and you are prepared to stretch to it, it is hard to beat extra large floor tiles and wall tiles.

Large ceramic tiles

Even ceramics are benefitting from increases in size with large ceramic tiles also going larger. 900 x 320mm and 1000 x 333mm ceramics are brilliant again for creating as seamless space as possible with minimal grout lines.

Ground breaking tile finishes

So you love marble, but it is just a little too expensive. You are in love with that hardwood floor but worried how it will wear. You want the industrial metal look but not sure how.

Step this way porcelain. Leading manufacturers are not only pushing boundaries around size of tiles, they are also pushing what's possible in the mimicking of other materials. And the best of the best are so good at it, it's hard to tell tiles apart from the real thing.

This centres around size of tile, pattern and the latest incredible technology where surface texture aligns with pattern.

Bring all that together and that porcelain floor tile wood look is suddenly incredibly real with all the grain and knotting of real wood. Metal effect tiles carry the pitting of real weathered metal and marble is designed with the feel of real marble veining.

We've called it Contour finish because it really is about following the contours of the design.

The tile finish is key and the best tiles carry surface textures that are amazing realistic. Another perfect example is our Beat cement effect porcelain tile collection. Not only does the surface look like it is bespattered with the salts and flaking of the real thing, on close inspection the tiles actually carry the tiny dints and pitting of the real thing for amazing realism.

Creating an amazing canvas is so exciting with some of these tile trends for 2022 For more information please do get in touch! Or simply browse our website and order samples.

We'd be delighted to help with your project in 2022!

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