Top 5 Tile Trends for 2023

There are some truly exciting tile trends for 2023 with everything from soft pastel and tonal hues to pops of colour making their way into our homes.

Large format tiles are still key to design and marbles are a must. But it's our continuing love affair with the indoor outdoor lifestyle that sees indoor outdoor porcelains continuing to be at the forefront of design.

Here are the top 5 tile trends for 2023.

1. Tone it with powdery pastels

Soft, natural hues and pastel shades are at the forefront of design in 2023. From a hint of blush to sophisticated colour shades these beautiful tones are perfect for creating an incredibly stylish canvas across the home.

Where colour blocking is usually the domain of brighter colours - using two or three solid colours for dramatic effect - you can achieve the same look by opting for softer tones as shown here with our Tone Haze soft blue porcelains.

Our Tone collection launches in 2023. It was one of our top picks to add to our portfolios. The whole collection has been beautifully designed around the theme of clay and re-interprets this time old material as a contemporary porcelain in eight beautiful shades. The 6 base notes are complemented by two accent colours.

This gorgeous Italian porcelain collection is beautifully balanced in terms of colour. From earthy rich clay tones to the softest of powder off-whites the base notes work in perfect harmony. They are complimented by the gorgeously subtle blue by the name of Haze and a perfectly pitched yellow by the name of Umber.

2. Texture, Tincture & Tactile Themes

Texture and tincture are one of the top tile trends for 2023. Think gloriously glossy tones in everything from stand-out blues and greens to soft pastel pinks and blues through to the brightest, warmest red hues.

3. Go big with Marble

Marble is always in. It doesn't really ever go out. Especially as tile technology continues to push the boundaries of replication to mimic marbles with ever increasing perfection. If you love the idea of marble, but it is just a little too expensive and you don't want the maintenance that comes with the real thing, then porcelain really is a perfect alternative.

Leading manufacturers are not only pushing boundaries around size of tiles, they are also pushing what's possible in the echoing of other materials. Add to that porcelain's brilliant attributes from easy clean to amazing wear and tear capability this really is the go-to for marble lovers.

We've introduced two new marbles to our capsule collection for 2023: Macchia Vecchia - a stunning marble effect tile with warm grey-gold tones in both polished and matt finishes, and Jewel - with simple, striking nutmeg veining on a crisp white background.

4. Inside Out

Porcelain is still a firm favourite for inside outside spaces and a firm top tile trend for 2023. It really is a brilliant canvas for projects where the same tiles run indoor to outdoor to create that seamless flow. With tiles generally in two thicknesses - a thinner one for inside with a thicker 2cm for outside it is easier than ever to blur the boundaries from in to out.

The surface texture of tiles will differ in to out - with inside tiles perhaps in a matt or natural finish and the outside tile in an antislip finish with more grip. The tiles are designed to work together so look the same - enabling that seamless flow from home to garden.

Porcelain is frost resistant and fade resistant so perfect for outside spaces. Add to that ease of cleaning and the fact that it inhibits the growth of moss or mould on the surface and porcelain really does lead every step of the way. Rectified porcelain tiles with their ultra straight edges allow for minimal grout joints and that's how porcelain makes for such an architectural, crisp, clean surface.

Effectively with porcelain you are creating the same indoor room or space, but outside - as a continuation of your indoor area.

5. Terrazzo


Terrazzo was first created in 16th century Italy. It's seen a revival in recent years and it's popularity shows no signs of slowing. In it's traditional form, terrazzo is made by combining cement with a mixture of ground minerals such as marble, granite or quartz.

Our porcelain terrazzo effect tiles are a beautiful take on terrazzo making them a great canvas for any space. Including blue terrazzo and green terrazzo as well as the soft tones of sand, grey, silver and White, Mix is a beautifully sophisticated re-interpretation of terrazzo and an exciting addition to our tile portfolios.

Mix Green Terrazzo porcelain tile e1682510529389

If you love what you see in our top 5 tile trends for 2023 get in touch! Some of our new collections are launching early 2023 so if you see tiles you love we can add you to our waiting list for samples!,

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