What is the best flooring for dogs?

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Our beloved little dachsund, Otto, is regularly seen by our side at The TilePortfolio. He just loves getting involved particularly when we are preparing for exhibitions! We had our own kitchen flooring installed before we had little Otto and as the tiles have a slight sheen we can see how his little paws slip on the tiles often. So, speaking from experience, this is definitely a subject close to our heart. If we were embarking on a refurbishment now, or a renovation project or a new build even, a key consideration for the flooring we opt for would centre around Otto. Surface finish is key. So what is the best flooring for dogs?

It goes without saying that dog friendly flooring options need to be durable, easy to clean, scratch and stain resistant. As as we have already pointed out and anyone with a dog will know, a pooches paws need a little grip or traction underfoot or they can slip and slide around. Add to that dragging pet bowls across surfaces, water sloshing around and muddy paw prints and picking the right flooring is key.  So let’s explore the question, what is the best flooring for dogs?

Flooring options

Whilst LVT and vinyl do offer scratch and stain resistance, we think porcelain leads the pack when it come to dog friendly flooring options. No only is it super tough, it’s stain resistant, works with underfloor heating, is naturally cool in summertime and is fade resistant. Add to that it’s a breeze to keep clean and hygienic and there are a whole host of reasons porcelain really does lead the pack as the perfect dog friendly flooring option. Unlike carpet it won’t create odours and unlike real wood and marble which are soft, porcelain is super hard so it won’t scratch or wear. 


1. Durable and scratch resistant

From puppy training to playing catch, porcelain is just a brilliant flooring and so durable. Highly scratch resistant it won’t show the kind of scratches you might find in softer materials such as wood or marble. Due to the way it is manufactured, porcelain is just super hardwearing – in fact there is little that will scratch a porcelain tile – other than another porcelain tile. This makes it the perfect material for busy homes with dogs. 

2. Stain resistant

Porcelain tiles are brilliantly stain resistant. Accidents can be wiped up in moments. Unlike real wood flooring there is no issue with water sloshing around if your pooch has spilt water. Just a quick mop is all it takes. And what’s more porcelain is super hygienic so unlike carpet it won’t stain and it won’t absorb liquids so it won’t create odours. 


Docklands White in Antislip Soft finish – a great surface texture for pets

3. Easy to clean

Porcelain really is dog friendly. It is a breeze to keep clean. Firstly it doesn’t require any sealing or ongoing maintenance. Day to day, it needs is a mop and warm water. So if your beloved pet has dragged in some mud either on paws or on that bone that was buried in the garden, it really isn’t a drama. Add to that the whole host of design options with porcelain echoing other materials from wood to marble, metals, stone and more, and there are lots of options to pick from that are less likely to show those muddy paw prints. Opting for a tile with some movement in the design, for example a lovely wood effect plank tile, can be better at hiding those prints than a crisp clean white or off-white tile for example. 

SEASON GREY WOOD EFFECT PORCELAIN what is the best flooring for dogs?

Season wood effect porcelain plank tiles – don’t require any sealing and are easy to clean and can be better at hiding muddy paw prints than crisp white tiles!

4. Hygienic

Porcelain is non-porous. That in turn means it naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface.  To be called porcelain a tile has to have less than 0.05% porosity – another reason porcelain can be also be used outside. So as we have already discussed, unlike carpet, little accidents will not seep into and create odours. 

5. Cool and Comfortable or Warm and Toasty

Porcelain works brilliantly with underfloor heating. That makes it lovely and warm and toasty in winter. Essentially a porcelain tiles acts like a thermal brick so it also holds the heat. In contrast, in summer, it is a lovely cool material underfoot so super comfortable for dogs whatever the weather! 



Porcelain works brilliantly with underfloor heating and is cool in summer

6. Clever finishes - more grip

There are some brilliant developments in porcelains by leading manufacturers. One is surface finish. Gone are the days of just a polished finish or a matt, there are a whole heap of options in between now. Our Antislip soft options are a brilliant choice when it comes to dog friendly flooring options. Check out our Docklands tiles mentioned earlier on in our blog – these are finishes that are tactile and soft whilst bringing a little more grip for little paws. 

otto scaled e1682688869256

Otto keeping an eye on all our tiles packed and ready for one of our exhibitions!

So what is the best flooring for dogs?

So if you are asking what is the best flooring for dogs, porcelain definitely leads the pack! Otto definitely thinks so – he’s carefully guarding the tiles for our next exhibition.


We would always recommend ordering samples of your chosen tiles – it’s a great way to check out surface texture first and dog friendly flooring options. And if you want to try before you buy, you can always opt for a larger sample too. 


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