Wood effect porcelain floor tiles – imitation without the limitation

Imitation without the limitation

Wood is wonderful, what's not to love. Let's cut to the chase though. There are limitations. It needs lots of love, care and attention - and for bathrooms and outside spaces?

If you've set your heart on that wood floor, fair enough. But if it's still up for debate, then it's worth considering what wood effect porcelain floor tiles can bring to the party - because it's the best of both worlds. And yes, that is porcelain in the picture ...

The TIlePortfolio Season Taupe wood effect porcelain planks in Contour finish 1510 x 240mm

We're warming to it

Wood just gives that warm, snug feeling, naturally. But if you think porcelain is cold, think again. Unlike natural timber and laminates, as interior floor tiles, Porcelain works perfectly with underfloor heating and won't warp or bend. So you can keep that cosy feeling all year round. Plus, with gorgeous tactile finishes these tiles are the stuff of barefoot dreams.

The TIlePortfolio Season Taupe wood effect porcelain in Contour finish 1510 x 240mm - porcelain works brilliantly with underfloor heating

The real deal

Great quality porcelains expertly mimic natural materials. The latest cutting edge production techniques make for porcelains and ceramics that are as close to the real thing as you can get.

Take The TilePortfolio Season wood effect porcelain floor tiles collection.

These wide plank porcelain tiles in 7 colours have 36 designs per colour - randomly picked pack. The Contour finish means design and texture are perfectly aligned so these really are wood effect porcelain tiles that are ultra realistic. The challenge is on to spot the real deal.

Bathrooms are a breeze

Porcelain is perfect for bathrooms and it means you can have the wood effect you love, with minimal ongoing care. Humid conditions and water are of no concern to correctly installed porcelain. A quick mop with water is all that is usually needed to keep it clean.

Season Caramel wood effect porcelain in Contour finish 1510 x 240mm - porcelain needs minimal ongoing care.

Study the detail

Wood effect porcelain floor tiles are not just limited to wide planks. There are all kinds of stunning designs for whatever space you are looking to create. Our Louis collection echoing Versailles marquetry is packed with all the charm and character of the real thing.

Louis Mocha 900 x 900mm wood effect porcelain in Natural finish

It's a matter of size

With our Serenity collection available in 2 sizes you can choose to opt for a smaller plank size for smaller spaces eg bathrooms or go large with or 1510 x 240mm large format wood planks. These larger formats make for less grout and with up to 39 different patterns it is hard to tell the difference from the real thing!

When laying wide plank porcelain tiles, irregular joints give a more realistic look. However, it is important to remember not to stagger the joints by more than a third. All porcelains curve slightly along the length and you want to avoid 'lippage'.

Wood is for walls too

Our wood effect porcelain tiles can be used on walls too. Or opt for our ceramics - lighter and easier to cut than porcelain they tend to be a little more cost effective. And these tiles don't compromise on size - they are a lovely large 1000 x 333mm to give a seamless effect with minimal grout lines.

Season Caramel ceramic wood effect wall tiles 1000 x 333mm in Contour finish

Go for a vintage vibe!

Vibe is a beautiful wood plank collection that features 30 different patterns with each individual plank mimicking the knots, grains and variation of real wood. The echoing of natural imperfections is what gives Vibe a wonderful rustic wood effect and that vintage vibe.

We're in a tangle

Sticking with the vintage vibe, we fell in love with Tangle as soon as we saw it! From Parisian cafe styling to country pad, this tantalising tile is a triumph of design. It's 45 x 45cm format is a great size for both floors and walls and Tangle is equally at home in the hallway, lounge, office, kitchen or bathroom.

Why wouldn't you?

It doesn't get much better than this for wood effect porcelain floor tiles. Large formats, ultra realistic finishes, beautiful tones, compatible with underfloor heating, an array of designs and great for use across the home!

Take a fresh approach to tile shopping

With our online, fresh approach to tile shopping, these are beautiful, quality, collections you'll love, at great wallet-friendly prices. Plus all the help you need to choose.

If you are thinking of opting for a wood porcelain and need some help, get in touch with The TilePortfolio. We'd be delighted to help.

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