Wood effect porcelain tiles – a buying guide

A wood effect porcelain tile combines the warmth of wood with brilliant practicality making them the perfect pick if you are seeking a floor that is really easy to live with, is a little easier on the budget than the real thing and doesn't require any ongoing maintenance.

As porcelain tile technology continues to take breath-taking strides in design, great quality porcelains are mimicking other materials with incredible precision. Wood effect porcelain tiles have come on leaps and bounds over the past few years no only in design, but in size too. That means that porcelain wood planks are larger than ever - we've some at 1510 x 240mm - and surface and texture combine to perfection to emulate all the knots and gnarls of real wood.

We explore our wide plank porcelain tile options plus we explore some wow wood effect porcelain tiles too!

Picking the right wood effect porcelain floor tile can be a little daunting, there are so many options to choose from. So check out our buying guide below. You will find your feet in no time.


Whether you are looking to create a cosy cottage feel or a contemporary space, our wood effect porcelains cover it all from designs with rustic charm to light wood porcelain tiles that create a modern, sleek canvas.

We've split our woods into three categories:

Wide plank procelain tiles
The Herringbone porcelain tile
And our gorgeous Louis wood effect tiles that echoes the look of Versaille marquetry.

Picking a wide plank porcelain tile

Our wide plank porcelain tiles are in a large format 1510 x 240mm, and specifically designed to emulate real wood planks. These tiles are designed with size in mind so rather than several smaller strips of wood effect tiles, these are large planks with 39 individual patterns per collection.

With up to 7 colours in each collection, both our Dwell and Season wood collections make floors that are ultra inviting, incredibly realistic and so easy to look after!

In particular our Season wide plank porcelain tile collection has incredible print definition for an ultra realistic look. These tiles are perfect for larger spaces and open plan areas.

They work brilliantly in bathrooms too and are a great way to tie walls and floors together in a design. Use them vertically or horizontally to create the look and feel you want.

And porcelain won't warp with humidity, damp or water so they are just perfect for the bathroom!

The herringbone porcelain tile

Perfect for spaces large and small, these gorgeous larger format tiles laid in herringbone style create a completely different look and feel to wide planks. Herringbone can work brilliantly, creating a really cosy cottage feel with the addition of rugs and soft furnishings. Alternatively, as shown here, it can look fantastically contemporary.

The wow factor

If you are looking for something completely different then create the wow factor with our Louis wood effect porcelain tile collection. These are large format 900 x 900mm wood effect tiles.

Where can I use them?

The beauty of a wood effect porcelain tile is that they can be used pretty much anywhere.

Natural timber warps when wet so can't be used in the bathroom or places like utility spaces where they is likely to be water. Natural timber also dents and stains so is not ideal for kitchens and dining spaces. For hallways, wood can end up being marked by shoes and scuffs. Wood can't generally be used with underfloor heating either. And wood often needs some ongoing care.

Porcelain on the other hand is about as hardwearing as you can get. It doesn't warp, stain or mark. And it works brilliantly with underfloor heating, and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and more. With underfloor heating it is so easy to bring radiate warmth in a space with a realistic warm porcelain effect wood floor. Plus, it is super easy to keep clean - a mop and warm water will usually do the trick.

Laying patterns

For wide plank porcelain tiles the classic way to install is with staggered joints. This makes for the most realistic look and finish. For any tiles with a length of more than 600mm it is important not to stagger the joints by more than 33% This is the maximum overlap that is recommended.

This is because all porcelain from the most cost effective to more expensive tiles have a slight curve along their length. If the staggering is more then you can end up with something called lippage where the tiles are not flush.

Dwell Taupe 1510 x 240mm planks.

With rectified porcelain tiles ie tiles with straight edges, a minimum 3mm grout joint can be achieved giving a really neat slim joint. It is worth picking a colour in the tile to match the grout to if you want the floor to look as natural as possible - rather than a contrasting grout colour which will highlight each plank.

We would also recommend working with your installer to dry lay your wide plank porcelain tiles before installing. That way, you can make sure you are happy with the patterns and how they work across your space. With so many variations per tile, ensuring the tiles work across your space is key.

Want to know more about our range of wood effect porcelain tiles? Click on the links to find out more about our collections. You can order samples via our website or get in touch with us. We'd be delighted to help with your project.

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