Oakwood Honey Pecan Wood Effect Wall Tiles

Wood effect wall tiles

What you choose to adorn the walls in your home can transform a space! Walls are a blank canvas and one way to enhance interiors is by using wood effect wall tiles. Wood effect walls tile not only add a feeling of warmth to your room they can add texture too. As any interiors expert will tell you, it’s important to combine the rough with the smooth in design, and wood effect wall tiles are a great way of adding a tactile finish.


In addition, wood tiles for walls bring all the benefits of wood, without the ongoing maintenance. This really is imitation without the limitation. What’s really exciting is that wood effect tiles can even be used in the bathroom. So if you are seeking that spa at home feel, look no further. In this blog, we explore why wood effect wall tiles are a superb choice and how they can work for your home. 

What are wood effect wall tiles?


Real wood is a soft material that is prone to wear and tear. Real wood needs ongoing maintenance and can dent and mark or stain over time.  So whilst there is no doubt this is a beautiful material for the home, from a practical perspective it can be a little bit of a challenge. Step forward porcelain and ceramic tiles.


These materials have been around for centuries and have stood the test of time. Not only are these materials highly scratch resistant and wear resistant they won’t show the marks from the thrills and spills of everyday living and are incredible hardwearing. In addition, they can be used in the bathroom because unlike natural timber, a ceramic or porcelain tile won’t bend or warp with moisture. Ceramic and porcelain wood effect wall tiles have a durability that real wood simply can’t match. 


What’s more, with tile technology continually evolving, the ability of manufacturers to echo real wood to the highest standards is incredible. The knots and gnarls along with the grain and colour variations found in real wood are emulated to perfection and this makes some wood effect wall tiles virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.


Not only that, there are wood tile collections that feature an astounding number of “faces” or patterns bringing further realism to tiles. Gone are days of just one or two patterns. Now there may be 10, 20 or even up to 60 different patterns per tile and that means ultra realism. 

The benefits of wood effect wall tiles


Season Caramel wood effect wall tiles are beautiful, durable, cost effective and versatile

There are a whole host of benefits to using wood effect wall tiles across the home. From versatility to low maintenance, wood tiles not only look beautiful, they are also practical. 

Cost Effective: Ceramic tiles in particular can be pretty cost effective, especially when you consider the long term savings on maintenance. Ceramic tiles are also easier to cut than porcelain tiles (which tend to be denser) which makes them easier to install.

Durability: Let’s start with durability. Unlike real wood, wood tiles for walls are water resistant making them perfect for walls in bathrooms or in the kitchen.

Low maintenance: There is no sealing, polishing or waxing required. Ceramic wood effect wall tiles usually just need a wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking amazing.

Versatility: Our ceramic wood effect wall tiles are a wonderfully large format 1m x 33cm so they be used both horizontally and vertically in a variety of settings. Beyond the bathroom and kitchen these tiles can be used for feature walls across the home creating a focal point – think staircase, in the lounge, snug, hallway or bedroom.

Bathroom spa: Create your very own bathroom spa with wood effect wall tiles. Ceramics and porcelains are perfect for bathroom spaces and allow you to introduce all the warmth and texture of wood as they are water resistant.

Oakwood wood look wall tile ebony caramel

Wood effect wall tiles can be used horizontally or vertically – like our Oakwood collection

Mixing it Up

You can of course use wood effect plank tiles for your bathroom – take our Season collection that features both large format 1510 x 240mm planks for the floor in the beautifully warm Caramel colour along and these gorgeous large format wood effect wall tiles also in Caramel.


Bathrooms are the trickiest of spaces to design because there are so many considerations. So as well as pairing wood effect tiles together, you can also think about marrying up with other tile styles. Take our Oakwood tiles shown here, they look wonderful with the dark and moody tones of a marquina marble. And wood tiles for walls also work with many of our wonderful concrete and cement effect tiles. Whether the darker tones of Charcoals, warmer notes of sands and taupes or brighter white tones, they brilliantly with them all. 

Oakwood wood look wall tile honey pecan

Wood tiles like our Oakwood Honey/Pecan for walls work brilliantly with other tile designs like marbles, concretes, cements and more

Our Conclusions


Large format wood effect wall tiles means less grout and a seemingly seamless wall of wood

Wood effect wall tiles are a brilliant way to introduce wood around the home without the drawbacks of real wood. You can use wood tiles for walls in bathrooms, kitchens and more and they are a great way to add texture and tone to spaces. Larger formats equal less grout and that means you can create a seemingly seamless wall of wood and with tile technology ever developing the realism of wood effect wall tiles is so good, it can be hard to tell the difference from the real thing! 


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