Wood Slat Tiles for Walls

Looking to add some warmth and texture to interior spaces? Look no further. Wood slat tiles are the perfect way to do both. Whether it’s the bathroom, lounge, bedroom or kitchen, these are tiles that are practical and beautiful in equal measure. Perfect for both contemporary and more traditional designs, the real beauty is that wood slat tiles in ceramic tile format have all the aesthetic beauty of wood, with none of the ongoing maintenance. 

This really is imitation without limitation. And with great quality manufacturers continually pushing the boundaries of design and realism, it can be tricky to tell a wood effect wall tile in porcelain or ceramic from the real thing. Just check out our Season Caramel and Taupe wood effect tile options explored below. Or our new Oakwood wood slat tiles for walls with their two-tone design.

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are well known for their superior scratch and wear resistance and both materials are a great choice for the walls and floors of homes and busy households. These are materials that are easy to clean, are stain resistant and for bathrooms won’t warp or bend making wood slat tiles for walls a brilliant way of adding wood to spaces. 

Wood Slat Tiles for Walls, bathroom and more!

Being able to use a wood in the bathroom opens up a world of design possibilities. However, these are spaces that are prone to wet, humid and damp conditions, and so practicality is key. 

Opting for wood slat tiles for walls in porcelain or ceramic gives you the best of both worlds. With clever 3D design this is a product that can add depth and dimension to spaces but at the same time, ceramic tiles won’t warp or bend with moisture so they are perfect for bathroom walls and showers. In addition, they are easy to clean and from a design perspective, they are also a great way to add texture to spaces which enhances a warm and welcoming feel.


Wood Effect Wall Tiles - Incredible Design

With porcelains ability to imitate the appearance of natural materials to incredible effect, the better the tile quality, the better the imitation. That’s because leading manufacturers are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible with porcelain. This isn’t just about the quality of design ie how great the imitiation is, this is also about variation – so gone are the days of just 2 or 3 patterns wood effect tile for example, the array can now be staggering.


Season Caramel and Taupe Wood Slat Tiles for Walls

Specifically designed in a stunning large 1m long by 33.3cm high format, our Season Caramel and Taupe wood slat tiles for walls also feature rectified ie straight tile edges. This means that grout joints are at an absolute minimum so from a design perspective that means you can create walls with a seamless appearance. In effect, a stunning seamless wall of wood. 

As well as perfect for bathrooms, this also makes our Season collection perfect for kitchen splashbacks too. Another great use of wood slat tiles for walls. Again, easy clean and practical, our Season ceramic tiles will work with so many worksurface options, whether that’s laminate, quartz, marble or more!

You can even use these large format wood slat tiles for walls to create feature walls in the lounge or hallway. Another great way to add warmth, texture and design to spaces! 

Client Projects & Installation

With over 8 different patterns and designed and manufactured using the very latest technology, here is collection that looks so much like real wood it is hard to tell the difference! All this of course means you can enjoy all the beauty of natural materials, with the incredible benefits of ceramic tiles. 

It’s also worth considering which way your install these large format tiles. Here’s a photo from a recent project featuring Season Caramel tiles. The customer has chosen to run the tiles horizontally to stunning effect. You can read more about this case study by following the link below the image. 

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Alternatively, you can also run these tiles vertically and create quite a different look just like this client chose to do! Click the link under the image to see more photos from this case study.

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Easy to live with and easy maintenance

One great advantage of ceramic tiles is easy maintenance. A simple wipe down with warm water and a cloth is all that is usually needed. Our Season tiles clever design means these tiles give the appearance of wood slats with a beautifully smooth natural finish. 

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New Oakwood wood slat tiles for walls

Our new Oakwood wood slat tiles for walls are two-toned bringing a striking visual impact to spaces. Two options both feature different tones. One Honey & Pecan, the other Ebony & Caramel. Both co-ordinate with may of the tiles in our Season, Oakwood and Serenity wood plank collections. Again their large 1m x 33.3cm format and straight rectified edges means grout joints are at an absolute minimum of a 2 or 3mm and by carefully selecting the right grout, you really can create a seamless wall of wood with all the benefits that ceramic tiles bring. 

Oakwood wood look wall tile honey pecan 1
Oakwood wood look wall tile ebony caramel

New Oakwood wood slat tiles for walls 

All our wood slat tiles for walls are beautifully designed and of the highest quality. You can order samples of Oakwood and Season wood slat tiles for walls via our website. You can also click any of the links above and they will take you to our website! Thank you for reading our blog. This blog was updated in March 2024. 

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Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiler for your project. Installation requirements may vary depending on the tiles you choose, the fixing products used and the specific conditions. Always check with your tiler regards the suitability of the tiles. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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