A guide to 20mm outdoor porcelain slabs

Looking for exquisite 20mm outdoor porcelain slabs?

You've found them. These are tiles with style in spades.

More of us than ever before are seeking to create outdoor spaces that echo our indoor space. Whether that is a small patio area, sweeping terrace or linking inside to outside with sliding or bifold doors, these are spaces where we can relax, entertain and dine in a little luxury.

Using 20mm outdoor porcelain slabs is about creating an indoor room, outside. It's a very different look to the rustic charm of limestone slabs, slate or wooden decking. So the flooring you choose is key.

Porcelain tiles with their rectified, straight edges, crisp, clean styling and larger formats are an ideal material for both inside and outside flooring. This is a product that, when installed, bears all the hallmarks of contemporary architectural design.

And, if you're looking for something that little bit special, look no further. Our collections of Italian 2cm outside porcelains are impeccably stylish, of outstanding quality and in exquisite designs. These are tiles with style, in spades.

Porcelain is perfect for outside

Porcelain is exceptionally hardwearing, highly resistant to scratching and staining and doesn't need sealing, waxing or polishing. Add to that frost resistance, fade resistance, and surface finishes with additional grip for outside, and it's easy to see why this material ticks all the boxes as the chosen canvas for that outdoor project.

Let's not forget it's also resistant to mould and moss taking root on the surface and is super easy to keep clean - a quick jetwash will keep it in tip-top condition.

Exquisite design, exquisite quality

The most striking feature of top quality porcelain stoneware is its compactness which is the result of top level mechanical pressing and firing technology. That means absorption values near to zero, excellent resistance to loads and superb resistance to abrasion and scratching. All our 20mm outdoor porcelain slabs are single-piece porcelain stoneware of the highest quality.

Design is of course key. Our stunning portfolio of 2cm porcelains showcases some of the finest in Italian styling. From the gorgeous stone effect designs of Flow and Ethos, to the beautifully understated tones of Blend and Pave along with the gorgeous concrete designs of Artisan, these are collections to fall in love with.

Size and shape of tile along with effect eg concrete, stone or cement all influence your finished outdoor space and our collections include a range of sizes from 600 x 300mm through to large format 1200 x 1200mm.

Inside outside tiles

With the latest advances in bifold and sliding door systems that allow for unfettered access from in to out, and the boundaries between our indoor and outdoor spaces is also blurring. And one material that can work with ease across those boundaries is porcelain.

Our 2cm porcelain tile portfolio features collections that all include 20mm outdoor porcelain slabs for outside aswell as 9mm co-ordinating tiles for inside for complete flexibility. Inside tiles are in a Matt or Soft finish with outside tiles in an Antislip finish for more grip. Both tiles are designed to co-ordinate, however, the outside tile has a rougher surface texture.


However you choose to install porcelain slabs, we always recommend employing the services of a professional for your project; that may be a garden landscaper or a tiling contractor. It is really important porcelain is installed correctly. You want your new outdoor space to stand the test of time so there so it is critical the correct adhesives and grout are used and things like drainage are taken into account.

To achieve that beautifully flush finish, ideally tiles need to be installed onto a solid concrete bed. If you don't have a fully cured concrete bed then you can install onto a compacted hardcore base with the right products. Having said that, one key benefit of 20mm outdoor porcelain slabs is that they can also be laid onto grass or gravel - but this is a very different look to the flush, seamless designs of outside rooms.

Solid concrete bed or compacted harcore base

The benefit of installing on a solid concrete bed with adhesives is that your outside floor will have the same look as an internal floor - flush, with minimal grout lines.

If you don't have a solid concrete bed then you can still achieve the same look with a compact harcore base. For more information visit our Installation page.

Dry laying on grass

Installing on grass is pretty straightforward. Simply measure a distance of 8-10cm between adjacent slabs. Place the slab onto the grass, mark around the outside of the slab, remove it and dig a depth of around 50-60mm. Distribute a layer of fine gravel of between 4-8mm and compact it down. This will help with drainage and stability of the tiles. Place the slab on top of the gravel - always checking the surface is flat and level. Make sure the slabs are not protruding above grass level and can't damage your lawnmower.

Dry laying on gravel

20mm outdoor porcelain slabs can be directly installed onto the gravel without the use of adhesives or grout. Ensure the surface is compact and level before you start. It is important to integrate another layer of gravel or pebbles below your surface gravel in order to ensure the best drainage results. Once this is done, simply place slabs to create a pathway. Again, always checking slabs are flat, stable and even.

Please note: We strongly recommend using a professional tiling or landscaping contractor for your project. Installation requirements may vary depending on the tiles you choose, the fixing products used and the external conditions. Always check with your tiler, installer or landscaper regards the suitability of tiles for your project and please do get in touch with us for more information or visit our Installation page for helpful information.

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