Are porcelain tiles durable?

Porcelain tiles are one of the most versatile and durable materials you can choose. It really doesn't get much better than porcelain for those seeking an exceptionally hardwearing, scratch and stain resistant material.

Put simply, because Porcelain tiles are fired at very high temperatures - and much higher temperatures than ceramics - you get a heavier, dense material that is ideal for those busy areas of the home - particularly kitchen floors, hallways, living areas, bathrooms and more.

So, let's explore the question are porcelain tiles durable in more detail with a look at the benefits of porcelain tile flooring in particular.

Exceptionally hardwearing

Porcelain is probably one of the most hardwearing flooring materials you can opt for for the home. It is perfect for those areas with higher usage - so it makes the ideal kitchen floor, and is also great for entrance hallways and living spaces. In fact, you can use it just about anywhere.

Porcelain tiles are made from a mixture of fine clays and other natural elements - finer than the clay used in ceramic tiles, and this, along with the high temperatures they are fired at during the manufacturing process gives porcelain superior durability.

Superior scratch resistance

Because of its make-up Porcelain also offers superior scratch resistance. Matt finishes in particular are highly scratch resistant. That makes it super easy to live with.

Unlike wood or marble - both of which can scratch and mark, living day to day with porcelain is a breeze. It really is pretty much install and go.

Superior stain resistance

Whilst it is wise to mop up spills instantly - especially if they are more likely to stain - for example red wine - porcelain is exceptionally stain resistant so another one of the key benefits of porcelain flooring. And with larger formats, there is minimal grout. Add to that grout protectors and this is a surface that again, is just so easy to live with.

Porcelain leads the pack

Porcelain is perfect for pets, because it is scratch and stain resistant and in finishes that can help paws get a little more grip. Click to read more about porcelain for pets!

Porcelain's high scratch and stain resistance along with different finishes make it a great flooring for those with pets.

Claws are no contest and neither are things like food bowls being moved across the tile surface. And unlike some other materials it works with underfloor heating so pooches paws are warm all year round!

Are porcelain tiles durable outside?

Yes, porcelain tiles are durable outside!

As if this material needed any more shout outs let's add that with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% it's even frost and fade resistant so can also be used outside in surface finishes and textures that give added grip. That means creating a flow from home to garden with the same flooring is a breeze.

Porcelain is also colourfast so doesn't fade in the sun and is resistant to high temperatures so frost or sunshine, it is highly durable for outside spaces.

Is Porcelain a good choice for bathrooms?

Porcelain is the perfect material for bathrooms. It is so easy to clean and because it can handle water and damp it can be used on walls and floors with ease. And with tile formats ever increasing, grout lines are at a minimum making it even easier to

So easy to clean

Porcelain is super easy to keep clean. Another one of the great benefits of porcelain tile flooring over other materials. A quick mop with water usually does the trick but if you want to whizz over it with a steam cleaner then that's fine too. Because it is so durable, it's just so easy to look after.

Porcelain life span

Porcelain's life span is incredibly long. If installed correctly it will see out years and years. Correct installation is key so always make sure your installer is experienced.

So ... are porcelain tiles durable?

Well, we think the benefits of porcelain tile flooring make it a brilliantly durable material. We love porcelain - there's little not to like! It is harder wearing than ceramics - and whilst that does make it a little harder to cut it's durability makes it a winning flooring material.

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