A guide to indoor outdoor floor tiles – All-in-one Porcelain Tiles

A guide to indoor outdoor floor tiles
All -in-one Porcelain tiles

More and more of us looking at ways to connect our inside and outside spaces and create a seamless flow from home to garden. Advances in bi-fold and sliding glass door systems along with minimal thresholds mean it has never been easier to achieve that inside outside living feeling.

Flooring is a vital component - using the same flooring across inside and outside spaces cements the feeling of continuity and Porcelain is one of the few materials that can be used with ease.

This is a very different look to the rustic charm of paving slabs, slate or limestone. Effectively with porcelain, you are creating a continuation of your inside room, outside. This is a canvas that bears all the hallmarks of architectural contemporary design - sleek, crisp lines and pared back styling.

What are all-in-one indoor outdoor floor tiles?

Lots of porcelain collections house the same tile in different slip ratings or surface finishes. This is important because the outside tile will have a more textured surface than the inside tile to give additional grip. An outside tile would have a rating of R11 or R12 whereas an inside tile may have an R9 or R10 rating. Slip ratings are a good way to understand different tile finishes - See Our Guide to Slip Ratings.

That means you need 2 tiles to create that flow from in to out. One finish inside in a 9 or 10mm thickness and another more textured finish for outside which may be the same thickness or 20mm thick. This depends on the collection.

Our All-in-one tiles are porcelain tiles that combine the softness of an inside tile with the antislip properties of an outside tile in an Antislip Soft R11 finish.

With an all-in-one tile exactly the same tile can be used inside and out. Both tiles are the same thickness - usually around 10mm and both have the same Antislip Soft surface texture. The surface is designed to be easy to clean and these tiles can be used on walls and floors in the home aswell as outside. Tiles must be ordered from the same batch to ensure they match of course.

The 4 key benefits of all-in-one

These indoor outdoor floor tiles lead the pack when it comes to design, versatility and sqm cost. They open up a whole host of design possibilities and are clever stuff.

1 All-in-one tiles are designed with ease of cleaning in mind so are completely versatile. Where you wouldn't normally opt for an R11 or R12 rated ie Antislip tile for inside the home, All-in-one tiles can be used inside and outside.

2 All-in-ones are around 10mm thick. That makes them significantly lighter than their 20mm paver counterparts. So they are easier to cut and handle on site.

3 The 10mm thickness makes these tiles really cost effective per sqm.

4 All that means that with All-in-one tiles larger formats are more accessible, tiles are really cost effective, they are easier to cut on site and easier to handle.

Why porcelain outside?

Aside from amazing design, porcelain will take pretty much anything life throws at it! It's an incredibly dense materials, which is one of the reasons it is so hardwearing. It's also highly resistant to stains, is scratch proof, doesn't need sealing, waxing or polishing and can be used pretty much anywhere in the home.

Add to that a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% and porcelain is frost and fade resistant and in finishes with additional grip for outside areas.

Whether you have a grand design, sweeping terrace or just want to create a cosy courtyard, All-in-one 10mm porcelains are a great shout.

And let's not forget design. This is a material that, when done well, expertly mimics everything from metal, concrete, cement, stone, marbles, wood and more.

So for materials that would otherwise need ongoing treatment outside, a whole world of possibilities is opened up with porcelain. Wood is a perfect example. It's highly unlikely you will find a wood you want to put outdoors that will also work indoors. Not so with porcelain indoor outdoor floor tiles.


You want your porcelain installation to look amazing for years to come so it is vital that correct installation is adhered to. Thinner porcelains must be installed on a solid concrete bed with anti-fracture membrane and the correct adhesives and grouts. Grouting joints means there is nowhere for moisture and dirt to collect.

The key to good installation and longevity is to ensure there are no air pockets or voids under the tiles that could create a vulnerable spot or where water could seep or freeze. Fixing directly onto wet concrete is a no-no, the slab needs to have cured sufficiently.

We would always recommend you employ the services of a competent installer. Get in touch with us for more information on installation, we work closely with Norcros adhesives and can organise a specification specifically for your project and installer if you wish. For more information go to our Installation page.

Care and Maintenance

Ongoing, porcelain indoor outdoor floor tiles do not really require much more than a sweep and jet wash outside and a vacuum and mop with warm water inside. However, it is critical both inside and outside that the correct initial cleaning regime is followed to ensure that things like excess grout and debris are removed from the tiles.

For all porcelain and ceramics, a poor initial clean can lead to future issues and can affect the slip rating of tiles. Using the incorrect cleaning products day to day can also leave a film on tiles which can affect the surface. For more information see our Care and Maintenance page or get in touch with us.

So, if you're losing sleep over which indoor outdoor floor tiles to choose for your project, please get in touch. We would be delighted to help.

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