Our top 5 tile trends for 2024

We are super excited about our top 5 tile trends for 2024! Following our trip to the wonderful Cevisama tile fair in Spain earlier this year and the addition of a new designer Italian supplier, we have a host of both tried and trusted tiles and tantalising brand new collections to ensure our tile portfolios are packed with exciting and unique tiles. 

We will be exploring all of our top 5 tile trends for 2024 in this blog starting with how interior design continues to build on the warming notes of woods, earthy tones and tonal tiles and how we are complimenting these reassuring hues with soft pastel shades.

In addition, we explore the ever growing trend to connect lounge to lawn as we embrace the inside outside theme and free flowing floor design with our exceptional collection of Italian porcelains. We look at our new Spanish tile collection, Craft, and how pattern is making it way into our homes. And finally, we are celebrating colour and design with bright, bold colourful tiles and playful patterns. So let’s take a look at the top tile trends for 2024!

Top 5 tile trends for 2024
1. Wellness-focused design

The first of our top tile trends for 2024 is wellness focused design. This is a design that seeks to create an environment that connects us with nature and fosters a notion of well-being, in turn aiming to reduce stress and deliver a calming, nurturing space. Creating a wellness focused home or room requires a holistic approach to design that includes careful consideration of the colours and tones utilised alongside the use of natural light, breathable materials and biophilic elements amongst other things. 

The colours and materials chosen for the floors and walls in your home play a huge part in design as they provide the canvas upon which your room will come to life. It’s not just colour that is a consideration, there is a practical perspective to the material selected too, after all your floor in particular needs to withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy household, with minimal ongoing upkeep. 

Here are some tiles that will not only elevate the walls and floors in your home, but are also perfect for wellness-focused design.

Grace Sahara Bathroom tile top 5 tile trends for 2024

Grace Sahara joining our large format portfolio in 2024

Grace is a brand new tile collection that includes 3 unique designs each with their own identity and inspired by the unplanned randomness of nature. Sahara is without doubt the perfect tile to create a bathroom with a feeling of wellness. The warm sandy colourway with subtle veining has tiny hints of brown/bronze bringing a calming yet cosy feel to spaces. The soft feel finish and larger formats make this tile a dreamy blend of colour and shape. 

Tone ecru 2cm outside porcelain paver 9mm inside1 scaled

Tone Ecru 800 x 800mm tiles inside and outside

Our Tone tile collection includes 5 contemporary tonal tile shades and is a welcome addition to our portfolios. Along with Blend, it is one of the simplest of tile designs emulating micro cement. The whole collection is beautifully balanced in terms of colour with an earthy, clay colour focus.  

Tone is available in a range of sizes. The 800 x 800mm is our favourite – large enough to feel large format, but easy enough to handle on site – and if you are looking to take the same tiles outside then Ecru as shown here, and Concrete also have an 800 x 800mm co-ordinating 2cm external tile. This is a tile that makes a simple, subtle statement. 

Fusion still life

Fusion Limestone Collection with Terrazzo

Our brand new Fusion tile collection is home to a beautifully soft limestone effect set of tiles that are wonderfully tactile in a soft Matt finish. With a mere whisper of patterning to the surface, the muted design and grounded colour palette make Fusion perfect for creating that nurturing space. Walls or floors, whether kitchen, bathroom, lounge or hall, this contemporary collection works to brilliant effect and two terrazzo tiles (in warm and cold) of the same collection blend effortlessly to make designing a breeze. 

For ground floors Fusion Limestone, Sand and Fossil all have a co-ordinating 2cm external tile for those seeking tiles to run inside and outside the home. 


Tangle wood effect tiles

We loved Tangle as soon as we spotted this wonderfully crafted wood effect tile. Tangle is a superb way to introduce a rustic vibe to spaces. These stunningly designed 45cm x 45cm tiles are full of character and charm and bring a more traditional feel to spaces. With warm, honey overtones to the tile design, Tangle works brilliantly with all things natural from marble to metals and of course, other natural materials such as jute too. 

2. Pastel Pastiche

To compliment the grounding and reassuring hues of clays and earthy tones, we are adding soft pastel shades in the form of smaller feature tiles. We’ve uplifting olive greens, pastel sage and pretty pinks to bring a soothing touch to spaces. Perfect for creating feature walls to add interest to spaces, these shades with their glossy and matt finishes pair perfectly with woods, concretes and cements and stones. 

Bloom green porcelain feature tiles olive 1
Motif patterned tile pink block

3. Linking lounge to lawn

The third of our top tile trends for 2024 is one that has been steadily growing over the past few years. The trend for indoor outdoor living continues with the advancements in sliding and folding door sets coupled with the latest technology allowing us to connect and open up space like never before. With thresholds at a minimum picking a flooring that can run seamlessly across indoor and outdoor areas adds to that feeling of flow and cohesion, and can open up the possibility to utilise space in new ways such as creating an added room externally.  This is a trend that connects us to nature and whether you are embarking on an adventurous new build or extension, the type of flooring you choose will quickly determine whether you can seamlessly link lounge to lawn. 

Our latest inside outside tile collections set the stage for contemporary living. With porcelain tiles that work inside the home in 9mm thickness and matt finishes that are complimented by a 2cm thick tile in an antislip finish for outside the home. Both tiles co-ordinate with the same colourway, look and feel, but both have different functions ie inside or outside. 

Poise pebble inside outside stone look porcelain resize

Unlike the rustic charm of flagstones, natural stone or slate, porcelain brings a crisp, clean, architectural feel to spaces making it easy to continue that clean, contemporary look outside. 

Alpine Desert 1200 600 inside outside porcelain optimised home banner e1683296053507

Our exceptional collection of inside outside porcelain tiles feature thinner 9mm porcelains for inside and thicker 2cm porcelains for outside. Our brand new Fusion and Poise collections sit alongside our well-specified Alpine collection and our firm favourite, Ethos Shore. We’ve a host of tiles to pick from – and we’ve hand-picked these collections from Italian suppliers we know and trust – that means well-balanced shades, excellent quality and beautiful designs so you have the pick of the crop including the very latest designs as well as our tried and trusted collections. 

Poise silver inside outside porcelain tiles

4. Pattern Revival

Our 60’s inspired selection of pretty patterned tiles are a brilliant way to introduce creativity through design. These tiles with a vintage feel are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms and also play right into our theme of wellness-focused design. We’ve selected collections that compliment and marry well with the natural clay and earth tones of our cement and concrete collections, making it easy to pair, marry and blend for a harmonious design. 

Take our new Craft collection. 7 patterned tiles each uniquely designed in the simplest palette of colourways with a handcrafted appearance. Simple brush strokes create striking patterns in muted tones including soft greys, taupes, pinks and greens. 

Craft palm decorative wall tiles

Craft – joining 2024

Craft oasis decorative wall tiles swatch

Craft – joining 2024

Craft oasis decorative wall tiles

Craft – joining 2024

Or if you want bolder still, Bloom may be just the ticket. Bloom is playful and fun and can be used on floors and walls. This is a tile that adds a little splash of colour in Olive Green, Russet Red or Oatmeal. Here pink and green are used to brilliant effect and the wood furniture picks up the blush tones too. 

Bloom red porcelain feature tiles russet 1

5. Marvellous Metallics

It’s not all cool, calm and collected. For our final top 5 tile trends for 2024 we are celebrating colour in metallic form. These bold statement tiles simply sing giving walls a new lease of life with their invigorating design and eclectic feel.  Eye-catching and rich, we love metallics and they pair brilliantly with concretes, woods, cements, marbles and more! Whether dark and moody or brighter corten, copper tones, it doesn’t get more marvellous than this. 


So there you have our top 5 tile trends for 2024. 

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